Fernando Perez and the Rays have finally dropped the switch-hitting experiment. And so far it is taking pretty well. Insert the usual “DANGER, DANGER, small sample size ahead” alert.

Still, it is nice to see he is off to a decent start. You gotta figure this is the adjustment period and that it will only get better.

Now if the Rays would just do the same with Dioner Navarro.



  1. ramedy says:

    Maybe the Rays can get Navarro a bat from Modell's.

    • Beth says:

      And a gig selling real estate over the winter?
      Anything that brings Nando back to St. Pete works for me.

  2. leningan says:

    Thank God. I was surprised it went on this long... he really looked like a little leaguer trying to hit lefty.

  3. Chris Wise says:

    Locally they're peddling his non-switch hitting as a response to shoulder surgery. Not sure I buy it. What doesn't show in the stats is how many of those hits are deep infield shots that Fernando beat out with his speed. I can say that only two that I've noticed so far were really solid shots to the deep outfield. Nevertheless, compared to, say, Joey Gathright, Fernando shows more potential power. So if they get off the switch-hitting for a couple of more months (they started this back when he was with Montgomery, I think) maybe we'll see if it makes a difference. I hope so. Have never been impressed with his left-handed skills.


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