How hot is Evan Longoria? Even blind women love him

So tomorrow the Tampa Bay Rays are back at home to play the Toronto Blue Jays. The first ten thousand women get an “I Heart Longo” t-shirt. I’m guessing it’s an actual heart, not the word. And I hate that nickname. Anyway, when I heard that I wanted one anyway haha! You see, I love Evan Longoria. Not just because he’s a gorgeous third baseman with quite a swing, (actualy I don’t know if he’s hot, he has just been hot to me, and I had a friend describe him and also read what other women say on his youtube videos hehe) but he is the main reason I fell in love with baseball.

In 2008 when the Rays were doing well, I wasn’t a baseball fan but kinda listened on the tv when B was watching. I was newly blind and soon found I could follow baseball pretty well. When the Rays would play at home, I always perked up when I heard Evan’s at bat music, ‘Down and Out’ by Tantric, which I love. So really it was his music that got me, but then he was just so good!

Like most people that are huge fans of an athlete, this lady would love a souvenir from her favorite player. But as you can imagine, an autograph or a picture isn’t doing her much good.

No, she wants something more creative…

So then I thought, what about a plaster cast of his hand? And then I thought, what if I post a blog about it and someone with some pull happens to read it and maybe I really could get a plaster cast of his hand…hahahaha!!!

Well, we don’t know how much pull this blog has, but we do know that several members of the Tampa Bay Rays front office reads this site on a daily basis. So the challenge has been laid. Can you guys make this happen? We know it is an extreme request, and we probably would have gone with an “audio autograph” of Dirtbag saying his name, but it would be pretty awesome.



  1. smelp says:

    i hope this can happen! or if she could meet evan... that'd be even more awesome. 🙂

  2. Steve Statsworth says:

    The Rays Front Office do something for their fans? Good luck! Nice post though.

    • Mark01 says:

      Ya, The Rays FO has done a terrible job with fan relations. Bring back Naimoli!(sarcasm)

      Who are you people?

  3. Jim from NPR says:

    How about a t-shirt for the guys????? My suggestion would be "At least Longo didn't have my girlfriends cell number"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. John S says:


  5. Charles says:

    I wonder how hard it would be to woodburn a Braille autograph into a bat? She does mention being newly blind though, so she may not know any Braille.

    The plaster cast idea is pretty cool though. Just seems unlikely that an athlete who's very reliant on his hands would be comfortable doing that (not sure how plaster would affect the surface texture of the hands - probably not much to us mere mortals, but we all know how the slightest bit off from routine or feeling right can wreck a ballplayer mentally).

  6. Sarah says:

    I hope she gets her wish.

    I also want to note that apparently the Rays initially wanted to pass out "Mrs. Evan Longoria" t-shirts but the Evan vetoed that idea! The I "heart" Longo met with his approval.

  7. Don says:

    If shes blind... I wonder why she didn't fall for Kaplar, Navarro or Upton...
    How would she know.... Longo is prettier than these mugs??

  8. Lynn says:

    What about just his palm print, like we did as kids? Then his hand wouldn't be covered in plaster. Seems like nowadays there would be a non messy way to do it.

  9. allie says:

    i'm sorry but those shirts are so incredibly cheesy...i can't believe the front office approved them to be passed out, or even evan for that matter


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