Over the weekend, two Rays fans on Twitter (@striderblack and @pdriscoll811) brought to our attention this image…

Kind looks like a cheap Tampa Bay Rays knock-off cap, right? There is only one problem with that theory: That image is from 2000, seven years before the Rays switched from green to blue caps.

The image is a screen grab from the video for the song “Adam’s Song” by Blink 182, a song that was released as a single in 2000. Forward to the 3:53 mark and watch very closely as the video scrolls through a bunch of still images.

The cap is very similar to the ones worn by the Rays since 2008. Here are the two side-by-side…

The image quality on the left is poor so it is difficult to tell how similar the blue is, and the thickness of the letters are clearly different. But the orientation of the letters are identical, and the font appears to be the same on both caps.

So where did this cap come from? Only professional teams in the area use “Tampa Bay.” As far as we know, no minor league teams in the area have ever used “Tampa Bay.”

That blue narrows it down to the Tampa Bay Lightning or the Tampa Bay Storm. Both are unlikely as it is clearly a baseball design and there is nothing else to associate the cap with either team (e.g. a logo) as would be expected. Also, correct us if we are wrong, but we believe the Storm were using a much lighter blue in 2000 (apparently not, see comments).

So, is this a cap from a local semi-pro or amateur team? Might it just be a Do-It-Yourself project that somebody created and just happened to predict the Rays caps of the future? Or does the “TB” stand for something completely different?

We are at a loss. Anybody have an answer or a theory?



  1. Rytor says:

    Really glad to see you published this Cork - someone has to know where that cap came from!

  2. Dre says:

    While I agree that it is very doubtful it would be the Storm, they were using a deep navy blue in 2000. But they probably would've had their letters in gold.

  3. Kevin says:

    Isn't one of the Blink 182 guys named Travis Barker? Could be that.

    • Hadn't thought of that. But I am pretty sure that is not Travis Barker in the photo. Might a fan have made a hat in honor of Barker? I guess that is certainly possible.

      • Rytor says:

        Pretty sure that's Mark Hoppus in the photo. Not sure if he would be wearing a Travis Barker hat 😛

        In the background is a ferris wheel - could there be some sort of theme park with a TB abbreviation?

  4. Amanda says:

    The one on Price's hat looks like it's a bold serif font, while the other one looks unbolded. Other than that, looks like a carbon copy.

    The one from 2000 may be a high school team. A quick Google search shows two TBHSs in the country that come up, and one has the same blue and white colors as the Rays. They don't have their baseball logo posted, but that could be it.

  5. MJ says:

    prob a little league hat.

    • Certainly possible assuming this guy was a coach. But are there any little leagues in the area that use "TB"? Most (all?) of the LL teams area use something more regional (e.g. North Tampa). Of course it could be a little league team from somewhere else entirely and "TB" stands for something we aren't familiar with.

      • Q says:

        Tampa Bay Little League is in South Tampa. But their logo has always been an interlocking TB. Unless they changed it recently.

  6. ? says:

    That is definitely the bands singer/bass player Mark Hoppus. They are from San Diego so I doubt they would be wearing anything related to TB-area sports. Most likely a clothing brand or another bands hat. Which one, who knows.

  7. Voice of reason says:

    Someone send a link to this over to the guys at the Uniwatch blog. Not to plug another site, but the folks there are usually spot-on with this kind of information. I'd be very interested to see what they had to say about it.

  8. el scotto says:

    any chance that it's just a generic hat made by a company, possibly as a souvenier, and it has no relation to sports?

  9. man i love Travis barker. I will never be as good as him at drums but at least i can try.


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