A few months ago I commissioned an illustration of Mrs. Professor in the classic pin-up style, wearing a Tampa Bay Rays jersey (you can see the original piece HERE)

That piece was recently featured in the March 19th issue of TBT* that is published by the St. Pete Times. There she is on page 98 (click on the image for a larger version).



  1. Carey says:

    What's up with them not even mentioning you or the site in the story? Are they that fearful - or contemptious - of alternate media? As a former journalist, I think it's a stupid - or selfish - omission. Not to mention, Topkin's work probably gets more hits as a result of this site.

    • yeah, I was a little surprised there was no mention, since this is clearly where they saw the piece originally. But that is about par for the course. That sort of thing used to bother me, but I dont worry about it anymore. Besides, I am just glad they gave Ullman some recognition. He does excellent work and deserves the nod.

      As for Topkin, I think they have loosened his reigns a bit in the past year. He has done a good job of mentioning this site a handful of times

  2. Don says:

    Dear Prof.....looks like your on the right page...good presentation!!!

  3. Chris says:

    Nice legs, Mrs. Prof.


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