Wade Davis has switched from the #58 he wore with the Rays last season to #40 this year. The obvious reason is that Davis must actually like the craptastic nickname “WD-40.” Oh, yay.

We don’t care, we’re still calling him “Big Dub.” Unless of course he sucks. Because as they say, only “the squeeky wheel gets the WD-40.” Or something like that.



  1. Gus says:

    As long as he doesn't fumble like the other Tampa Bay "WD-40" (Dunn and Alstott), I don't mind that nickname. It appeals to the working man, the guy who fixes his own household problems. Good work ethic in that nickname.

    #58 looked like a spring training number on him last year.

    Whatever name, whatever number, Davis is the absolute key to this team this year. September 2009 was very encouraging. If he turns into that full-time, that rotation is really strong.

  2. Boxman37 says:

    welp. my #58 wade davis jersey just became a collector's item.

  3. Johnny says:

    My guess is he switches back when the name-calling starts.


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