Two years ago on Rays Index we were never more proud of Carl Crawford when he smacked Delmon Young around a bit in the press.

Carl Crawford Just Went ‘Boom, Bitch!’ [Rays Index]





  1. Jim says:

    I was reading some of the comments from the original post, and I loved this one:

    "Young is one of the best acquisitions of the season by any club."

    Looking back, that trade was such a huge factor in the success of the 2008 season.

  2. Don says:

    Just wish CC was a little more vocal around the clubhouse...He is the MAN
    in Tampabay baseball......just wish he would step up...
    Can't wait..if Burrell comes back with his attitude...Just Bitch slap him Carl ...guarantee he backs down....probably what he needs to get rid of that Philly mentality...Wish it would have happened in was close!


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