The Rays are one of two teams that could land Russell Branyan. However, the Indians are still considered the favorite.

It appears the bidding for Russell Branyan is down to the Indians and Rays. reports that Boston is no longer interested and that has been confirmed…The team that secures Branyan’s services will most likely be the one that can guarantee him the most at-bats. Right now, it’s believed that the money being offered by the Indians and Rays is about equal.

The Rays can only guarantee more at bats for Branyan is if they can trade Pat Burrell. And if they can’t trade Burrell, the Rays would then be down to two bench spots to back up the seven spots behind the pitcher.

And like every potential move made by the Rays, there are risks despite his 31 home runs and .867 OPS. Branyan’s 2009 season (2.8 WAR) was the first in which was worth more than 1.3 wins. And physically, Branyan suffered back problems in the second-half of the season. At 34, it might be too much to hope that he can overcome back issues and repeat his sudden offensive surge.

Branyan, who played 64 games for the Devil Rays in 2006 would be a nice addition for the Rays, if he stays healthy, and if they can move Burrell.


  • The Rays officially announced that they are backing out of their partnership with The Mosaic Company to rename the team’s spring training park: “While we believe this naming rights deal presents many benefits to both the Rays and the entire community, neither the Rays nor Mosaic wants it to distract the team and fans from their focus on baseball.”
  • The St. Pete Times obtained a copy of a map from one developer’s plan for the channelside area that includes a new stadium for the Rays: “The map shows a stadium nestled between Meridian Street to the east and the Crosstown Expressway to the west, and between Whiting Street to the north and Cumberland Avenue to the south. Home plate is on the Cumberland side, so fans could look north and west toward downtown.” [St. Pete Times]
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  • This is fantasy-related, but still interesting to weigh Evan Longoria versus David Wright. [Fantasy Source]




  1. KyleS says:

    Only saw a mention of having conversations with Damon in that one article you linked to, not Gomes (just a friendly heads up). Dying to see the plan for the Channelside stadium.

    • Ugh. Too many Johnnys and maybe a little wishful thinking.


      • stunna says:

        A little confused when I saw Jonny listed in the categories, yet no reference to him in the post. I was assuming to find a link reporting he was headed back to Cinci, but it looks like that isn't official quite yet.

  2. Brian H says:

    professor, whats yor take on it, are you a hillsborugh supporter or pinellas?

    • I'm not partial to either side. I lived the idea of the waterfront stadium in St. Pete. But if the stadium is not going to be iconic like that, then I think the Rays have a better chance of surviving in te Bay Area if they are in Tampa.

      • Brian H says:

        So did I, drives me up a wall that all these people got uptight about it. I am a pinellas guy and want them to stay here. I think Gateway is perfect, although I prefer st pete. However I just want whats best fro the franchise and the area.

  3. stunna says:

    Am I the only one who feels we are stuck with Burrell? I really don't see anyone trading for him, unless it's over the summer and he's having a good season.

    • This is only a guess, but I have a feeling that another team has already told the Rays that they will take Burrell if the Rays are willing to pay part of the salary. And the Rays may be willing to do that IF they can get another DH at a reasonable price.

      • Brian H says:

        Dude I am such a sucker for "burrell has been working out extensiviley for htis season" I was screaming to trade him and now I am thinking, just maybeeeeee

  4. Brian H says:

    the guy was fat last year

  5. Dirtbag Fan says:

    I say stick with Burrell. The chances of his having dropped-off permanently are much smaller than the chances that he will bounce back to his Phillie Phorm.


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