The folks over at Uniwatch feel the new powder blue alternate would be much better if paired with powder blue pants. The image at right is what they concocted. Note that this is not an accurate representation of the new powder blue jersey as the real jersey does not have the fish patch on the sleeve and the “Rays” logo on the front is much larger.


  • The Daily Loaf writes about the Rays bungled attempt to sell the naming rights to their spring training home. [The Daily Loaf]
  • BJ Upton and Evan Longoria attended a recent Tampa Bay Lightning game together and received personalized jerseys. [The Heater]
  • Evan Longoria was interviewed by USA Today about his involvement with “MLB 2K10.” [USA Today]
  • Rick Nafe, the Rays VP for operations and facilities received a lifetime achievement award. [Rays Report]
  • Jeff Niemann recently attended the Rice Alumni Baseball Game, but did not participate. He was also sporting a new well-groomed beard (scroll about halfway down). [All Things Bubba]
  • In their “Names to know” series, USA Today features Wade Davis and Jeremy Hellickson. [USA Today]




  1. Kevin says:

    Rice alumni game? I hope they had James Andrews on speed dial.

  2. Justin says:

    Oh man, the Rays could look really bad this year.

    I agree with Uni Watch--they need new pants for the alternates. The Navy looks TERRIBLE with the white pants. They need to pair the powder blue with a similar colored hat and pants.

    Here's hoping they get with the program.

  3. Matt says:

    Why did they have to use a picture of Aki? They couldn't use one of longoria or someone who is with the team?Not that it really matters.

    • I am pretty sure they used Aki bc they are big proponents of stirrups and Aki was only player* that wore his pants high enough that you would be able see stirrups. They then took the opportunity to color in some stirrups.

      *Zaun wore his pants high also and Navi copied him while Zaun was on the team


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