Carl Crawford still won’t let anybody see his new full-sleeve tattoo, but unfortunately, Eric Hinske (right) is not as shy about his full-back, two half-sleeves tattoo. We are still not sure what is more disturbing about this picture: the tattoo. or the Banana Republic tighty-whiteys hanging out over the jeans.


  • Both Jeremy Hellickson and Alex Torres impressed in their first sessions facing live hitters. But more telling is news that Hellboy is working on a slider/cutter to add to his already impressive arsenal. Other tidbits from Marc Topkin: Joe Maddon says Tim Beckham is “totally different” this spring when taking groundballs (that’s a good thing)…James Shields is already being lined up to pitch on opening day…And Joaquin Benoit will throw his first BP today.  [St. Pete Times]
  • UmpBump reviews the Rays off-season. [UmpBump]
  • Matt Joyce had a rough first outing of live pitching. [Rays Report]
  • Joe Maddon said there wouldn’t be any silly math equations this year (e.g. 9=8), but he did introduce an acronym, F.A.C.T.O.R. [Twitter]
  • The group that may try to build a new Rays stadium at the Florida State Fairgrounds includes some big names. [Tampa Tribune]
  • One writer in Detroit is still worried that the Tigers will “lose” the Matt Joyce- for-Edwin Jackson trade even though Jackson has since moved on. []
  • Russell Branyan said picking the Indians over the Rays was a “very tough decision,” but ultimately the lure of more playing time pushed him to Cleveland. [Cleveland Plain-Dealer]
  • 5 questions for Reid Brignac. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Dock of the Rays has some pics from spring training. [Dock of the Rays]




  1. Mark says:

    Oh no he 'idn't

  2. Beth says:

    Just think how great this tattoo will look when he's 70. Smart move, Eric.

  3. Don says:

    I knew there was something about that guy I didn't like...what a juvenile!
    Whats he going to do after baseball work at the Harley shop...
    I sure wouldn't let him around kids (coaching) looking like that...
    They would want be be just like (idiot) coach!

  4. Matt says:

    I know Beth, he'll probably look back and say,"What was I thinking?"


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