Business Week ranked the “Power 100” athletes. This list is based on achievements on the field as well as ability to promote products and services off the field. The Rays very own Evan Longoria comes in at #57

Longoria is one of just two male athletes on the list not to bring in at least seven figures (he can thank the MLB pay scale for that), yet many consider the second-year pro to be the best at his position—topping even fellow power athletes A-Rod and David Wright. Combined with his marketable face, that should spell big bucks down the road.

In addition to Wilson gloves, Longoria recently became the coverboy for 2K Sports newest version of their popular baseball game, “MLB 2K10.” And not sure if you guys noticed, but Longoria’s shoes and batting gloves have pretty little swooshes on them. Nike commercials can’t be too far away.

#58. Not bad. Then again, #57 is Lorena Ochoa.


  • The Rays claimed RHP Mike Ekstrom off waivers.  Ekstrom made 20 appearances for the Padres the past two seasons and has a 6.75 ERA with 25 strikeouts in 28.0 innings. He was a 12th round pick in 2004 by the Padres.
  • The Rays announced a deal with The Mosaic Company to rename their spring training park in Charlotte. It will now be called Mosaic Field at Charlotte Sports Park for the next 15 years.
  • The Minaret Online spoke with Andy Freed about his broadcasting career and how he ended up in the Rays radio booth. [The Manaret Online]
  • The Rays will make five appearances on Fox national broadcasts this season. [The Heater]




  1. Dustin says:

    not that i'm a big fan of endorsements, but perhaps we can hope that this revenue stream, particularly if it grows (which it almost certainly will do), might mitigate any possible future frustrations longo might have with his contract. speaking of, the notion that longo may grow frustrated in the future with a contract that will, almost certainly, make him among the most under-paid players of his age and ability level is in no way far-fetched. things like wealth and worth are relative measures. unless longo has some kind of emotional attachment to the rays--which he might--his contract might well make him feel under-valued. to circle back around, hopefully the truck-loads of endorsement money he's liable to make will take some of the (potential) sting out of his relatively stingy contract.


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