Joe Maddon likes silly slogans.

In 2008 it was “9=8.” (it was)

In 2009 it was ” ’09>’08 ” (it wasn’t)

After declaring that there would be no math this year, where was JoeMa going to go for a silly slogan in 2010? Acronyms of course.

On Thursday he introduced the Rays philosophy

Our philosophy: Rays F.A.C.T.O.R: Flexibility / Accountability / Consistency / Trust / Organization / Respect..

And then yesterday his new slogan for 2010 was unveiled

Maddon unveils #Rays season slogan: “What’s Important Now?” Stands for WIN.

We thinks that JoeMa has spending a little too much time with the folks at NORML.



  1. Beth says:

    If JoMa had himself come up with this cheesy slogan I wouldn't be bothered -- the man's not paid to write inspirational sayings. But according to the St. Pete times article, "The slogan...came from Ken Ravizza, the teams' performance consultant and sports psychologist." So, that means someone other than Maddon actually DID get paid to come up with this!

  2. Don says:

    I wish Maddon would spend as much time in thinking about what to do in game situations.... instead of "high school" slogans for his professional baseball team!
    I'm sorry but I can't picture Girardi or Torre coming out with this kinda shit!

  3. StPeteDave says:

    I had a bad feeling at the begining of 09' when I saw that they had a new slogan (09>08), and I was right. I thought I read a blurb in the Times last week that Joe said they were done with the catch phrases this year, guess not.

    The slogans and the RayHawks should have been a one time thing for 08'.

  4. Larry Pietro says:

    Slogans don't win games. Neither does mix and match. JoeMa needs to get his head on straight.


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