Buster Olney of ESPN recently spent several days with Carl Crawford discussing his off-season workout regimen. The result is an episode of “Baseball Tonight” that will be dedicated entirely to Crawford. The episode will air tomorrow (Sunday) at 12:30pm ET.

Behind the “Insider” wall at ESPN.com Olney writes about CC’s background in basketball and football and how he wishes he could trash talk more in baseball.

Olney also breaks down some of Crawford’s best and worst splits from 2009.

Areas of strength in 2009 (Inside Edge)
Crawford League avg. MLB percentile
OPS against non-fastballs .798 .632 Top 7 percent
BA with 2 strikes .238 .191 Top 12 percent
BA against fastballs .326 .290 Top 19 percent
BA against fastballs away .308 .273 Top 25 percent

Areas of weakness in 2009 (Inside Edge)
Crawford League avg. MLB percentile
Chase pct. with 2 strikes 48 36 Bottom 7 percent
SLG against high fastballs .333 .438 Bottom 20 percent

Finally, we learn from Marc Topkin’s Twitter account that Crawford is sporting a new tattoo. This one is a “full-sleeve” tat covering the entirety of one of his arms to the wrist.



  1. New tat.... I'm still wondering what the heck the ring worm on his neck is.

  2. Don says:

    Outside of the tattoo...which projects some of the ghetto...NBA mentality
    this would be the LAST guy I would trade or lose to free agency (except Longo who is younger).....CC has all the tools, a work ethic, and should be the club leader if he was a little more vocal...seen/heard of him getting mad twice and believe me the players listen/respect Him!.... PAY HIM!

    • changeup31 says:

      Would love to see the Rays sign Crawford to a long term deal, but it just does not make sense. The payroll here in Tampa needs to average in the 60 million range and Crawford probably deserves about 15/year. Starting in 2011 even if it was a 3 year deal (not going to happen) that would be 45 million. Desmond Jennings by all expert reports will give the Rays a good portion of Crawford's contribution and his first 3 years will cost the Rays about 1.2 million. If you have to balance the budget and take emotion out, it is a no brainer.

      • Don says:

        Lets try a little emotion.....Lets say the Rays win the division,win the AL,
        play in World Series (win?)...CC proves to be most valuable (productive) player on the team...so go ahead and trade him because he wants $15mil......I'm sorry not me!...and if you feel bad for the owners just bring up the thought they agreed to pay Burrell $9mil a year...
        One more "prediction"....Jennings is about 3yrs...if ever....of being in CC's class as a baseball player!

        • Kyle says:

          Don, don't care who it is the rays cannot pay one player 25% of there payroll. This is what it would take to retain CC. No matter how much we want him back that is not how this team plays its chips. Our front office does not run on emotion. They do what they have to do to survive. And as much as it might hurt to think of CC in another uniform then ours, that it what most likely will happen. Get used to it, this is how this team is, and will be run.

  3. jolene says:

    I wish everyone could see the good that this young man brings to this game, He is a once in a lifetime ballplayer !! And the Rays are very very lucky to have such a well rounded hard working lefty that only gets better with age !!!!!


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