Matt Sweeney

Matt Sweeney

Earlier this week Keith Law ranked the Rays as the third best organization in baseball. Now Law has released his list of the Top 100 prospects. Six Rays are in the top 100, including 4 in the top 30.

6. Desmond Jennings
15. Wade Davis
17. Jeremy Hellickson
29. Tim Beckham
68. Matt Sweeney
81. Matt Moore

Law also included his list of the top 10 prospects in the Rays farm system…

1. Desmond Jennings, CF
2. Wade Davis, RHP
3. Jeremy Hellickson, RHP
4. Tim Beckham, SS
5. Matt Sweeney, 3B
6. Matt Moore, LHP
7. Nick Barnese, RHP
8. Alex Torres, LHP
9. Alexander Colome, RHP
10. Reid Brignac, SS

Law is more bullish on Beckham than Baseball America is (BA has Beckham 6th), but has soured on Brignac who is still 5th in BA’s rankings.

In a separate piece, Law talk about three Rays prospects that could crack the top 100 next year

I mentioned Nick Barnese here last year, along with new top 100 addition Matt Moore, and Barnese will make the list with a full, healthy season. The Rays could also see one of two Latin American right-handers, Alexander Colome or Wilking Rodriguez, make the list. Colome’s further along now, with a mid-90s fastball and curve with tight rotation but limited feel for his changeup and below-average command.

A “full, healthy season” from Barnese might be asking a lot. He logged only 74.2 innings last season, and the Rays will likely limit Barnese to 100-120 innings in 2010.



  1. Michael says:

    If the Rays have 6 in the Top 100 and 3 in the Top 30 yet he has the Red Sox as the #2 organization overall ahead of the Rays, who does he list for the Red Sox in the Top 100?

    • Good question. Red Sox have 7 in the Top 100, but only one in the top 30 (Casey Kelly #18) and only two in the top 50. And this is where the difference lies and subjectivity sets in. The Rays clearly have more high-end talent, but I think the feeling is that the Red Sox system is deeper. The Rays do have a pretty good drop-off after the top 9 or 10.


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