It is not easy being a Rays fan and taking the constant pounding and jabbing from fans of other teams. But before watching the video below, we had never been more embarassed to be a Rays fan.

Nothing says street cred like a rap video that includes the lyrics, “we puttin’  on a show like Hannah Montana.” And is the guy on the right trying to look like Humpty Hump, or was he born that way?

Yes, Tampa Bay Rays, these are your fans.



  1. Andy Kline says:

    that was really poor quality at best. i'd say ban them from the trop, but Peter Gammons and other baseball writers would probably start saying that we don't get enough fan support and now we are banning fans and that the rays should definitely move to connecticut

  2. Billy says:

    At the :32 mark, they sing "AFC Champs..." Okay, boys, if you want to do a baseball video, please learn the baseball terms... AFC is football (American Football Conference--and the Colts are the new champs). You may have meant to say AL Champs or AL East Champs--referencing the 1998 championships that the Rays won...

  3. Andy Kline says:

    Billy, I think you meant the 2008 Rays and not the 1998 Rays. Nice catch though. I didn't notice that in the song


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