The Rays 12th round pick from the 2009 draft, Andrew Bellatti, was seriously injured in a head-on collision yesterday. Bellatti was doing 80, in what appears to be a residential area in Spring Valley, California. The accident killed the other driver, and seriously injured Bellatti’s girlfriend and the son of the other driver (hat tip to

Rubber Slab has another write-up on the incident, including additional information on Bellatti.

Bellatti made 11 appearances, including 3 starts, for the Gulf Coast League Rays after being drafed. He posted a 3.49 ERA and struck out 27 in 28.1 innings.



  1. Don says:

    Another young punk that hurts (kills) other innocent people.....
    Feel sorry for them...... not this moron!

    • I feel the exact same say, dumb punks who keep my car insurance sky high (i'm 23) and this dirtbag kills someones father, and nearly kills his own girlfriend. I hope the Rays have some recourse to get whatever bonus money he was given and are able to give it to the families of the two other victims instead, while this kid gets friendly with the Cal. penal system.

  2. G-Mc says:

    You could at least feel sorry for all the families involved, which would include Bellatti. It's tragic all the way around.

    • Don says:

      Again.... the only tragedy was for the victims....not this criminal...
      As for his family....remember THEY raised him....they should be viewed as accesories to the crime...not felt sorry for!
      Financially...think about this...they sue Doctors for making a mistake while trying to save lives, but a nut like this can kill people and probably save his financial assets ( bonuses, salaries ect) outside of lawyer costs,
      which hopefully will bankrupt him!


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