hangoverThere is a lot of debate about the importance of a hitting coach. Often, their biggest challenge is to get hitters out of funks and back to where they are confident swinging a bat. And Shelton’s most important student this off-season is BJ Upton.

And how are things working between Shelton and Upton in their first few weeks together? Marvelously (via WTSP.com).

“He’s been unbelievable, and he’s here to help,” says B.J. Upton. “I think that’s something that he emphasized to me the first week we were together, and it’s kind of been rolling ever since.”

With all of his shoulder injuries, BJ (neé Melvin) lost some of his bat speed in 2009, and with that he appeared to lose some of his confidence, especially when it came to attacking fastballs. If Upton can stay healthy in 2010 and recover his bat speed, it then becomes a matter of rediscovering the confidence to be a good big league hitter.

And based on the quote above, Shelton has Bossman’s confidence moving in the right direction.

Now if he can just get Dioner Navarro to have a little less confidence attacking the buffet table.



  1. CharlieRay says:

    That great! Now let's work on Burrell. Pena could use some help with his SO's and making more contact

  2. Don says:

    Sheldon has at least four major projects....starting with everyone hitting .220+/-....If he turns at least two of them around...the Rays will have a chance.....If not....no shot!


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