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We are not much for collecting sports memorabilia, but we have always been a fan of the McFarlane line of sports figurines (although they certainly don’t have the charm of the “Starting Lineup” action figures).

Previously, we mentioned that Evan Longoria would be included in the latest set of McFarlane baseball figurines, and now, thanks to Toy News International, we have the visual proof.

Our initial reaction is, meh. Maybe it is just us, but the figurine seems to look more like Gabe Kapler (minus the 24-pack abs). For comparison, see the image of Longoria below (he’s the one on the right).


Dirtbag is just the second member of the Devil Rays/Rays to be part of the McFarlane collection, joining Scott Kazmir.



  1. KillaTapes says:

    Does anyone else think it looks like Pat Burrell?

  2. Don says:

    If I was Longo and ANYONE said I looked like Kaplar swinging a baseball bat I would be must be blind!
    Now with the broads...... Kaplar is still a distance 2nd.

  3. Andy Kline says:

    the face definitely looks most like the Pat the Bat. good call Killa Tapes

  4. Anhony says:

    look like pat fat in the face. macfarlane is hit or miss with the faces. dissapointing that the first ray since kaz is a miss. id rather see him making a diving catch or a running throw.


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