[Update] Marc Topkin reports Andrew Friedman is saying nothing is imminent with trades or free agents.

[Update] Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald says that the Rays interest in Matt Lindstrom is “mild at best.”

[Update] The Chicago Sun-Times reports (via Twitter) that the Cubs deny having talked to the Royals about Milton Bradley…And there are the winter meetings in a nutshell. Reports that contradict each other completely.

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In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the early rumblings regarding the Rays at in Indianapolis…

  • There was an early report that claimed Pat Burrell had been traded to the Cubs and then the Mets…We were told about 5 minutes later that the report was “bogus.”
  • David Lennon then reported that the Mets have no interest in Pat Burrell. It surprised us that a three-way deal was even being mentioned. There was a report two weeks ago that the Mets had no interest in Burrell which makes sense since the outfield at CitiField needs about 3 center fielders.
  • Paul Sullivan reported that Milton Bradley’s agents are now involved in trade negotiations as they are apparently trying to convince other teams that Milt has a good heart.
  • ESPN.com is reporting that the Cubs spoke with the Royals about a Milton Bradley-Gil Meche deal and that the money matches up much better than it does with the Rays.
  • Finally, Tim Brown is reporting that the Rays are one of five teams interested in free agent relief pitcher Kevin Gregg. Which of course would fill the void left by Gregg Zaun for players named Gregg with 3-Gs.
  • We will update this post if any other news breaks today about the Rays.


  1. Greg says:

    I watched Kevin Gregg pitch for the Marlins and I find myself hoping the Rays avoid acquiring him. Too many walks led to too many blown saves and he continued the trend with the Cubs. Although he has one more "g" than anyone named "Greg" really needs, it's his last name and not really his fault. So the lack of interest on my part is purely his crappy pitching ability.

  2. Indiana Rays Boy says:

    I had seen plenty of Kevin Gregg. He is worse than Troy Percival. He led the league in HR's allowed for a closer. He can't hold on to a 3 run lead to save his life. I rather settle for JJ Putz/Bobby Jenks. A 60 percent Bobby Jenks is better than a 100 percent Kevin Gregg. Kevin Gregg would fit in perfectly with the Nationals. I say no thank you to Gregg.


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