[Update 5:30pm] Sources cofirm to Jayson Stark (via Twitter) that new teams in mix for Milton Bradley but that “nothing is close.” And Marc Topkin says that if deal happens tonight it won’t be to the Rays.

[Update 5:17pm] Now the Chicago Sun-Times repeats (via Twitter) that a Milton Bradley deal could happen tonight and that it would be with a “surprise AL team.”

[Update 4:57pm] Bruce Levine of ESPN.com is reporting that the Cubs could move Milton Bradley as soon as tonight and that “others teams besides the usual suspects (Tampa bay Rays, New York Mets, Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels) have been brought into the Bradley discussions over the past 24 hours.”…Whether you were for or against Bradley on the Rays, we just never thought this deal was close to happening and now we wouldn’t be surprised if the Rays are out of it.

[Update] As far as rumors go, this one is 100% believable: “Lou Piniella and Joe Maddon are the two most visible managers at these meetings. Every time I turn around, I see one of them in the lobby.” Are there two managers in baseball that welcome attention more than Mad Lou and JoeMa?

[Update] Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Rays talked to the White Sox about a Carl Crawford-for-Carlos Quentin trade. Apparently the White Sox were worrieed about how much Crawford will make in 2010. The Rays also asked about the availablity of closer Bobby Jenks but didn’t like what the Sox were asking. Both deals are said to be “flat-lined.”

Yesterday we heard that Pat Burrell had been traded in a report that has since been deleted from the interwebs, Milton Bradley’s agents were trying to convince people that their client is just misunderstood, and that the Cubs may have talked to the Royals about Bradleyor not. We also heard that the Rays are interested in Kevin Gregg, but that they are only mildly interested in Matt Lindstrom. Meanwhile, Andrew Friedman says nothing is imminent.

SP_295860_BORC_rays_5Now let’s look at what came through late last night and this morning so far. We will update this post throughout the day with the latest buzz, so check back early and often. And if you really want the fresh scoops, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

  • Tracy Ringolsby confirms (scroll down to 9:23pm) what most of us suspected, that the Rays are trying to trade Dioner Navarro. He adds that “indications are” that the Rays will non-tender Navi if they can’t trade him.
  • Brian Shouse rejected salary arbitration from the Rays. If he signs with another team that will give the Rays 6 picks prior to the third round.
  • The craziest report of the day said the Rays had inquired about Roy Halladay (no surprise), but that Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi speculated (scroll down to 6:01pm) that the Rays “might be willing to offer” Wade Davis and BJ Upton. That rumor got a lot of play even though Rosenthal and Morosi also added that an executive said there was no way the Rays would do that deal.
  • Marc Topkin responded by calling the report “wrong” and “preposterous.” He added that the Rays did inquire about Halladay (“as they do for just about every available player”) but that the two sides didn’t even talk on Monday. Topkin doesn’t credit any team sources, but he usually doesn’t use such definitive language, so we are assuming that this was indeed shot down by somebody with the Rays off the record.
  • Lou Piniella says Milton Bradley would be super-duper awesome for the Rays (we’re paraphrasing)…Of course, we don’t know what else we expect Piniella to say. He doesn’t want Bradley and right now, the Rays are the only team showing strong interest.
  • Former Rays pitcher Edwin Jackson could be on the way to the Diamondbacks in part of a three-way deal with the Yankees.
  • We have added a quick commentary to the comments section on how all these rumors can be useful even though most never come to fruition.


  1. Let me add one thing: A lot of people hate all the rumor-mongering that goes on at the winter meetings. Let's face it, less than 0.01 percent of the rumors will come true. But keep in mind that for the most part, these rumors are coming from reliable sources. While most of the rumored moves never happen, they do give us insight into what the Rays are trying to do, what they will do and what they won't do. So we can learn a lot from these reports.

    Of course, we have to be careful to a certain degree. Take the Wade Davis and BJ Upton for Halladay deal. First of all, that was just the reporter speculating on what the Rays might be willing to do. A lot of people misread that and assumed the Rays were discussing that very deal. But it could also have been fed to the reporters by the Blue Jays in an effort to drive up the bidding from other teams.

    • Charles says:

      Oh, I love the rumors. Some of the things that come out are so mind-boggling they are worth it for pure entertainment. And then you get some things in reality that are even MORE mind-boggling than that, like Ivan Rodriguez getting a TWO YEAR deal last night from the Nationals. Just amazing.

  2. Charles says:

    Following the Winter Meetings is like buying a lottery ticket. You start dreaming of all the things you might win and imagining what your life is going to be like with all these new goodies. Then it's all over and if you're lucky, you got 3 numbers and won a few bucks back (i.e., you signed some middle reliever you won't care about in a few months).

  3. Rayhawk says:

    Im just sooooo frustrated during the winter, keep the rumors coming, Spring training is how long away?

  4. Gus says:

    Rays needs to do something to the bullpen, but are hamstrung by the budget.

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