hangoverBaseball America has released their annual list of the Rays Top 10 prospects. The number in parentheses is that player’s 2009 ranking…

1. Desmond Jennings, of (5)
2. Jeremy Hellickson, rhp (8)
3. Wade Davis, rhp (3)
4. Matt Moore, lhp (6)
5. Reid Brignac, ss (4)
6. Tim Beckham, ss (2)
7. Alexander Colome, lhp (NR)
8. Jake McGee, lhp (9)
9. Alex Torres, lhp (NR)
10. Nick Barnese, rhp (7)

A few notes on the list…

  • The top 4 are no surprise. We would not be surprised if both Desmond Jennings and Jeremy Hellickson are both in the top 10 of BA’s top 100 prospects list.
  • We are a little surprised that Tim Beckham fell all the way to 6, and behind Reid Brignac. The rise of Brignac’s star has slowed considerably, and Beckham held his own in his first full pro season while facing older competition in the South Atlantic League. Of course, Beckham’s status is hurt if he is not a long-term shortstop. And his 43 errors in 117 games does bring that question into play.
  • Alexander Colome was voted the top prospect this season in the New York Penn League.
  • Jake McGee will be 100% this season for the first time since early 2008. While the Rays are still holding out hope that he will develop into a big league starter, for the first time they are openly talking about a move to the bullpen and possible future closer.
  • Alex Torres came to the Rays in the Scott Kazmir deal. He was not ranked in the Angels system a year ago.
  • Nick Barnese’s status is hurt by an injury-shortened 2009 season that limited him to 15 starts. As a result, look for the Rays to limit his workload in 2010 to about 120 innings.

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  1. Jason W says:

    Torres was ranked, just not top 10 last year


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