hangoverLet’s start today with several Hot Stove goodies from Joe Smith

  • Andrew Friedman is looking at right-handed and left-handed relievers and has a target list of free agents and trade targets depending on how the market plays out.
  • Smith lists lefties Joe Beimel, Will Ohman and Darren Oliver and righties Kevin Gregg, J.J. Putz and John Smoltz as possibilities.
  • Smith says if the Rays want a starting catcher, they may have to acquire one via trade.
  • The Rangers and White Sox have called the Rays about the availability of BJ Upton.
  • The Mets and Braves have inquired about the availability of Carl Crawford.


  • Ken Rosenthal and John Paul Morosi of Fox Sports utters what we have openly worried about around here for a while. That the Yankees want to re-sign Johnny Damon with an eye towards Carl Crawford replacing him in 2011. Rosenthal and Morosi also name other teams that will likely be in the bidding should CC become a free agent after next season, including the White Sox, Angels and Astros. [Fox Sports]
  • The ABC group that was put together to help recommend a new home for the Rays may present their findings to Hillsborough County officials. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Guess who wants to play in 2010 and lists his hometown Rays as an option? In what is becoming an annual tradition, it is Gary Sheffield! Maybe Sheff is willing to eat the remainder of Pat Burrell’s contract. [MLB Trade Rumors]



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  1. For some reason, I think this off-season is going to be a seller's markets on the trade front. I think the Rays may be able to pull off some good, yet painful, deals. I won't be too upset over anyone getting traded as long as it's in the off-season, not mid-season and still in the wild card hunt.

    BTW, normally I don't give the Rays too much thought around the holidays. But with the Bucs being SO bad, I really don't have much of choice.


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