hangoverBefore the Webtopia, Joe Smith gives us several great tidbits in his latest column

  • On Jake McGee: “McGee feels he’s back to 100 percent. He said he’s throwing 95 mph, and his changeup is better than ever.”
  • Andrew Friedman adds that the Rays “haven’t given up on McGee as a starter,” but does admit that moving to the bullpen is a possibility.
  • Mitch Lukevics says both Desmond Jennings and Jeremy Hellickson need more seasoning but that Hellboy is further along than the Rays expected, noting that his changeup has “become a factor.”
  • The Rays are having ongoing discussions with Gregg Zaun, but several other teams have expressed interest.


  • Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe on Carl Crawford: “Crawford is a big clubhouse presence, a player everyone looks up to. There may come a time when Rays ownership bites the bullet and says this is one player they need to keep and works out a long-term commitment.” [Boston Globe]
  • The Rays radio duo will return intact next season. [The Heater]
  • Around the Majors takes a look at the Rays off-season in the first of a two-part series. [Around the Majors]
  • Around the Majors explores the possibility of trading Jason Bartlett. [Around the Majors]
  • Not sure why security would let a fan bring a device composed of a bunch of random wires into the Trop, but OK. [Instructables]




  1. Don says:

    Trade Bartlett for what (who)....if Jeter wasn't around he would be the best shortstop (hitter) in baseball.....and getting better ever year....
    Jeter goes....Bartlett is THE man!

    • steve-o1285 says:

      Uh, Bartlett is NOT the best hitting shortstop in baseball...even without Jeter (who also is not the best hitting shortstop in baseball).

      • Don says:

        You better come up with some facts and figures better than Bartlett....
        I'll take Bartlett over anyone for next 5 years...write it down ...you heard it here!

        • steve-o1285 says:

          Well, Hanley and Tulo both had more HRs last season than Bartlett has had in his entire career. And even with his off year last year, Rollins is a better hitter than Bartlett...just off the top of my head.

          Heard what here? That you would rather have a SS over the age of 30 for the next 5 years than one of the young premier players in the league? Sad.

        • Hanley Ramirez. He hit .342-24-101 this year. He is also 4 years younger than Bartlett. There is also a guy named Troy Tulowitzki. He hit .297-32-92. He is 5 years younger than Bartlett.

          • Don says:

            Repeat...Take anyone you want...Bartlett is the man next 5...His developement has been miraculous....
            Rembember my last prediction along these lines was when Zobrist was sitting on the bench as a "utility player"....Now he is team "most valuable"
            Go figure!

          • I guess if by "development" you really mean "steroids" then I guess it is possible Bartlett will all of the sudden start hitting 30+ home runs in his 30s.

          • steve-o1285 says:

            It's impossible to reason with someone using the "crystal ball" argument.

            "Why will Bartlett be the best for 5 years? Because I say he will!!!"

          • Don says:

            SO now its "steroids" with Bartlett.....How come so called baseball "experts" can't see what is happening in front of their eyes and when its a surprise then it must be drugs?
            And who said anything about home runs for Bartlett (a shortstop)...he's a "hitter"....... not a home run hitter.... batting 1st.... you moron!
            Is Zo also on drugs because he "developed" into our best player!
            Plus here's my "crystal ball" argument.....Bartlett will be (is) one of the
            best because I know what I am watching...Stevie-0 goes "off the top of his Head"?? whatever that means???...maybe crystal ball theory????

          • steve-o1285 says:

            You should really consider not following baseball...you're not good at it.

    • Sam A says:

      The Rays should look to sell high on Bartlett.

  2. KillaTapes says:

    Don's an expert, why argue with him?

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