hangoverOne website is reporting that Evan Longoria may be on the cover of “MLB2K10.” Supposedly, the images at right were included in a survey asking people which cover they preferred. (thanks Joel).

There is one small problem. The top image is stolen from Dirtbag’s ESPN the Magazine cover which you can see here.

Now maybe Longoria will be on the cover, but we doubt these are the images that will be used.


  • A couple of bigger names from the minor league system have been granted free agency including Winston Abreu. [Rays Prospects]
  • John Romano addresses the idea of trading Pat Burrell for Milton Bradley with one of those moving picture things. [The Point After]
  • The Rays Party looks at BJ Upton’s struggles against lefties. [The Rays Party]
  • NY Baseball Digest responded to our post from Saturday in which we  questioned the accuracy of one of their reports. The response was both laughable and sad (the best part is about how the readers didn’t “properly decimate the information”). Dock of the Rays couldn’t let that slide without a response of their own. [Dock of the Rays]
  • An author recounts the time he beat Troy Percival in racquetball. What the author doesn’t realize is that he could probably beat Percival at baseball also. [The Sports Info Business]




  1. Matt says:

    Love the Longo cover! Hope it becomes the real one


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