While researching something else, we came across this photo of Evan Longoria and 9 of his groupies. Does anybody else think that one of the groupies looks like a certain all-time home run king (or maybe Cliff Floyd)?


  • Jeff Niemann finished fourth in the AL Rookie of the Year voting. *golf clap* [Rays Report]
  • Yes folks. We don’t think Carl Crawford is “pissed beyond belief” at the Rays for picking up his option. And the reason is apparently because Tampa (sic) is only “third best” and everybody (not just Rays fans) has an “inferiority complex against New York.” Keep in mind, this is the third post that site has written defending their original story claiming CC is “livid” and wants out of St. Pete. [NY Baseball Digest]
  • (Scroll down to 12:46pm on this link) Scoop Jackson, the same guy that thinks BJ Upton is a great role model for inner-city kids because he is lazy, made a bunch of “jokes” about how different teams are incorporating technology into the game experience. On the Rays: “In an effort to appeal to the local elderly community, the Tampa Bay Rays will provide free on-site technical support for their fans. This support will consist largely of demonstrating what a computer really is to those confused souls who keep screaming at the toaster to “log on.””…Get it? It’s because all Rays fans are 95 years old. Boy that joke never gets old. Ha! [ESPN]
  • The Ghost of Midnight Graham thinks Kerry Wood and the Rays are a perfect match. [The Ghost of Midnight Graham]




  1. Charles says:

    About Kerry Wood - I'm not sure what kind of prospects this guy thinks the Indians are going to get for an injury-riddled one year rental coming off a year in which his walk rate doubled who makes $10.5 million. He thinks it's a match made in heaven - I think it's exactly the type of trade the Rays should totally avoid.

  2. Jack says:

    I think your "all-time home run king" is Cliff Floyd...

  3. Rumpy says:

    Does Scoop Jackson's upper lip bother anyone else besides me? Man I get the heebie-geebies when he talks!

  4. Rayhawk says:

    "Hi boys, Im the Floozy-um Chic-um Girl to the left of LONGO. I just want people to look at me and my PERKY surgically altered breasts. When I lie down and they stand straight up, oh you silly boys of course that's the way they should be, they're natural.....um, MOL....xxxooo"

    • cubfanraysaddict says:

      You look like a manlier shawn riggans in drag with a couple of bowling balls strapped on.
      P.S. Can you get me the girl in yellows phone number

  5. Dirtbag Fan says:

    As far as AL ROY goes; what a joke.

    I cast my vote for the BBA award last month, but before doing so I compared stats among the popular candidates and Andrus had the most pedestrian stats of the entire bunch.

    And why no love for Nolan Reimold who was much better statistically than Andrus?
    Andrus was a media darling and got all the looks because he plays SS, but come on voters take 10 mins and do research before blindly following what the shmucks on cable TV tell you to do.

    I also compared Porcello and Niemann's stats side-by-side and Niemann's numbers were slightly better, so I'm not sure why Porcello got all the love.

    BTW: both the BBA (of which I'm a part) and the BBWAA voted Bailey as their R.O.Y.

  6. KillaTapes says:

    I think the Scoop link has been taken down?

  7. Gus says:

    As to CC, I do think he has to be disappointed in the whole situation (even if the NY report may be sketchy). Guy gives his whole career to building something, gave away a couple of years of free agency that ended up being slightly below market and now that they have acheived something as a franchise, it is the Des Jennings 24-7 show, see you later CC.

    I think management should offer an extension they can live with -- $10M a year for a couple of years, whatever, and CC has the full right to accept or hit the highway and see what he can get from NY or Houston or LA. I almost think the Rays are banking on him getting hurt next season; obviously, signing him now is signing him at an all time high, performance wise. CC knows that as well, and that is probably why he's bummed that they aren't at least trying to extend him. More than Pena or Longo (or certainly Upton), CC is the franchise. That warrants some recognition.

    • John says:

      What makes you think they aren't trying to extend him? Because they picked up his option? How does that prevent them from working on an extension?

      That's the biggest whole in the Silva thing, as far as I'm concerned. Picking up the option has nothing to do with whether or not any negotiations are going on.

      • Gus says:

        While you are correct they could be trying to extend him, I don't think there has been any evidence that they've made an offer or that CC has rejected it, either. I think for PR purposes, if/when the Rays make him an offer, it will be made public and they'll make CC look like the bad guy for turning it down.

        It just seems to me that so long as they swear by the $60M payroll limit (which I've questioned as being dubious many times in the comments here), it goes without saying that you aren't going to be tying up 25% of your payroll in one player. You are basically the Marlins, where guys go to play to get contracts somewhere else.

  8. Don says:

    NOTE: Evan with "9" of his groupies!....and fans wonder why Longo looks so worn out in day games.......like 15 min of sleep last night!....give me a break!...I remember those days with "1" groupie....
    That poor worn out..... dirty rat!!!


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