stergerThere might still be life to that Pat Burrell-for-Milton Bradley deal after all.

Cubs general manager Jim Hendry has rekindled talks with several clubs over the past 24 hours. Of these meetings Hendry’s had, he met with Tampa (sic) general manager Andrew Friedman and special assistant Gerry Hunsicker for more than an hour Monday night talking about the format of a Milton Bradley-for-Pat Burrell trade. There is a difference of $12 million in the two contracts, and Hendry and Friedman talked about the parameters of paring down the difference and the money.

We still have no idea why the Cubs would try to field a defense that includes both Burrell and Alfonso Soriano in the same outfield. That’s something the Mets would do.

And we have no idea why the Rays would want a guy that nobody in the Cubs clubhouse wants to be around.


  • Both Dioner Navarro and Fernando Perez had surgery recently. Both are expected to be ready for Spring Training. [St. Pete Times]
  • The Mets are interested in Pat Burrell? Wow. Stevie Wonder could see that Burrell is 18-kinds of wrong for the Mets and Citi Field. The Mets are just like that friend in college that bet on sports and never won a bet. It got so bad that you just started betting against any team he bet on. We bet other teams look at what the Mets want to do and do the exact opposite. [Newsday]
  • Rob Neyer says the smart thing for the Rays to do is to trade Carl Crawford, saying there is no way they will be able to sign him to an extension. [ESPN]
  • Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune writes about small-market teams and how they can compete. Andrew Friedman is quoted in the story saying that small-market teams can compete, but it is more difficult to stay on top consistently. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Umm. There will be considerably “less” to love of fellow Rayshead Jenn Sterger in the near future. And that is OK by us. We are looking forward to seeing the new Jenn. [Officially…Jenn]
  • Our old friend David Chalk made his debut over at NESW Sports. [NESW Sports]




  1. Rayhawk says:

    I really hope that the Rays brain trust is better than Pat, for toy boy. Or maybe they think they can move him before spring?

  2. As a Cubs fan, I'm well aware of the many downsides to Pat Burrell. What Pat represents for us, however, is a relatively quick and easy way out of the Milton mess. If the Cubs did acquire Burrell, I don't think it's a guarantee that he'd go right into the starting lineup. Piniella could just use him as a bench player - pinch hitter, spot starter in left field and perhaps right field. And if Burrell is God awful for the first month or so of the season, the Cubs could even simply release him.

    • Beth says:

      The Cubs are willing to pay someone $8 million so he can sit on the bench and possibly be released? I know big-market teams have deeper pockets than we do, but that seems crazy. I can't imagine they would do that just to get rid of Bradley. And if Bradley is such a cancer, then why not just release him?

      I hope the Rays don't go for Bradley. Burrell is a black hole in the line-up, but Bradley sounds like a real distraction.

      • Well, as Killa Tapes points out below, the Cubs organization doesn't appear willing to put Burrell on the bench - they'd hope to flip him to another (probably AL) team ASAP. The bench thing is really my idea. We had two bench guys this past season - Micah Hoffpauir and Jake Fox - who basically equate to younger versions of Burrell. Why not use Pat the Bat in that role? Maybe he surprises us and gets hot. When the Cubs first picked up Jim Edmonds in '08, most of us thought he was done as well.

        Of course it's ridiculous to pay a guy $8 million to sit on the bench. But this is the sad situation the Cubs find themselves in: They need to get rid of Milton and there are really no easy ways to do so. Burrell would be a relatively quick and easy escape route - especially when compared to other nightmarish options such as Vernon Wells.

  3. Charles says:

    Here's the thing about Milton Bradley - yes, the guy has a temper and is kind of a strange duck. But if you look at his history, it's not like he's been a problem teammate everywhere he's gone. The feeling I've always gotten is that his anger issues come from just wanting to play ball and win. Things that set him off are what he considers bad calls, "out of line" comments from announcers, etc. It's not like he's T.O. out there. Cubs clubhouse issues aside (because he's not the only one in that clubhouse with issues *cough*CarlosZambrano*cough*), I think there are a few factors working in his favor if he comes here:

    - We already know the team has guys on call who can help deal with anger issues (see: Garza, Matt).

    - This clubhouse strikes me as more fun and laid back than the Cubs' clubhouse (in hindsight, could he & Pinella be any worse a match?)

    - The fan pressure will be less because there will be fewer of them and they will love that he's better than Pat Burrell. Look at the places where he had his best years - San Diego & Texas. Not exactly hardcore fan hotspots, and I'd say (this crowd excluded) that St. Pete is not either.

    It's funny - I know Bradley gets a bad rap everywhere he goes, but I've been a fan for quite awhile, because it just feels to me like the guy is visibly hurt by not winning. Not that I'm comparing the two in all ways, but it's the same reason I was a fan of Paul O'Neill. He used to throw all kinds of tantrums when things didn't go his way, but I knew it was because the guy wanted to win at all costs. Bradley is similar but with more anger issues.

  4. KillaTapes says:

    If the Cubs took Burrell, though, "We'd have to trade him,'' one Cubs person said

    That seems kind of odd. Where would they trade Burrell that we couldn't?

    Also, I agree with Charles that I've always kind of liked Bradley, and have felt that his antics are really more out of frustration about not winning. But, would he really be that big of an upgrade over Burrell? Both had down years this year, and either one or both could bounce back. Bradley's OBP is always a nice treat, but Pat's production has been better throughout their careers.

    I would put money on it that Pat hits 24+ HR in 2010.

    • Don says:

      Killa ....I'll bet you Burrell DOESN"T hit 24 HR!!!I'll also bet you his avg. will be closer to .200 than .250, and I'll bet you his fat ass falls down at least 2x running the bases (if he can get going fast enough)
      Also....I'll bet W. Aybar could out hit/play him any day of the season and he makes $1.3mil......and will sit on the bench because of Burrell...
      Go figure that...... for our NY wonder boys (owners)!

      • KillaTapes says:

        Look, I'm not saying Burrell's an elite player- The point I'm making is that I'm not sure how much of an upgrade I'd make Milton Bradley out to be.


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