hangoverFrom the “Can’t make this up” pile, Marc Topkin drops this little nugget

…the Rays decided to keep Uchibori, Iwamura’s interpreter the past two years, and gave him a job as a scout in his native Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Just another move proving that the Rays are trendsetters and super-sleuths at uncovering market inefficiencies. Because obviously interpreters make excellent talent evaluators. There go the Rays, reinventing the game of baseball, one interpreter at a time.

If only the Yankees had thought of that.

[Ed. Note: the gentleman in the above photo with Aki is not his most recent interpreter. That is Aki’s first interpreter with the Rays.]


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  1. Don says:

    Poor Aki...first he gets "dumped" from a contender(Rays)
    and sent to the hapless Pirates!
    NOW they hire away his mouth piece (interpeter)...
    How is he going to talk...ie. order a hot dog in Pitt. or whatever the h e l l they eat!
    No wonder Aki doesn't have any clothes on in the picture the Rays took them too!!
    Hey Aki ....how about English lessons ...think this will be 4 years in US...don't think Pitt is going to get the Japanese stuff!

  2. Rayhawk says:

    Eewwww, are those man boob"s? That photo could be real problems if they get a hold of in Pittsburgh....hahaha


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