Joe Mauer has been named the 2009 American League MVP. Ben Zobrist 8th place finish, was the highest ever for the Rays. Zobrist’s highest vote was a sixth-place vote. Evan Longoria finished 19th.

Carlos Pena had the highest finish ever by the Rays in the AL MVP voting with 9th place finishes in 2007 and 2008. He also received the highest votes with two third place votes in 2007 and one third place vote in 2008.

This was the first second year in which more than one Ray received MVP votes. Aubrey Huff finished 24th (1-9th, 1-10th place vote) in 2003. Carl Crawford finished 26th (1-9th place vote) in 2006 and Jorge Cantu finished 27th (1-10th place vote) in 2005, the only other Rays to receive MVP consideration. In other words, Zobrist is just the second Tampa Bay Ray to receive MVP consideration from a voter other than somebody that covers the Rays (each market gets two votes).



  1. Don says:

    You mean Maddons super "utility" player is one of the leagues most can that be?...if Aki didn't get hurt Zobrist might have remained on the bench while the Gabe & Gabe circus played right!
    Ever think IF...Aki doesn't get hurt, Zo starts in RF, Navarro & Burrell bat their weight......we finish 2nd and in the playoffs....Oh yea.....EJ here as our 5th (3rd) starter....Newmann and Price up.... when Sonny and Kazmir go off the deep end......only wishful thinking!

  2. Jack says:

    "This was the first year in which more than one Ray received MVP votes. "

    Last year Pena, Longo and Bartlett received votes.


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