The Rays made several moves today including picking up Carl Crawford’s option. The team also decided not to puck up the options for Gregg Zaun and Brian Shouse. None of these moves are surprising, however there was some suggestion that the Rays could have picked up Zaun’s option.

In addition, the Rays claimed pitcher Ramon Ramirez off of waivers from the Reds.

Crawford will make at least $10 million in 2010 depending on escalators that were built into his original deal. He could make as much as $11.5 million.

Zaun could still re-sign with the Rays at a rate cheaper than the $2.0 million option.

Ramirez is a 27-year old righty that has made 16 appearances (4 starts) in the last two years with the Reds. He has thrown 39.1 innings with 29 strikeouts, 15 walks and a 2.97 ERA (4.60 FIP).



  1. Gus says:

    Allright, then. One more year for CC. I will be sure to enjoy it.

  2. Don says:

    Now sign CC to like a 7-10 year deal worth $100 mil or so.....they could still trade him if money gets tight (Yankees/Red Sox).....
    Offer Zaun a $1m...he already got $500,000....He'll take it....
    Then oh boy..... another retread relief pitcher the Reds didn't want with their great pitching staff...probably comes cheap...thanks for nothing...could you throw in Gomes for Burrell....even up! least Gomes would be happy to be here!

  3. rayhawk says:

    Boy what a great idea, puts Pat back in the national league, and brings one of the best locker room/bench players back.....I like it

  4. jim says:

    i'll take jennings in left field for 1/10 of carl's salary. that's a no-brainer, but instead our management wants to increase my 40 game weekend package by 35%. also fwiw, last year 4 people could go to a saturday concert game in the lower deck w/parking for $52, this year it will cost 4 people $100 w/parking.

    we can't afford a $10+ million dollar outfielder.

    • Don says:

      Poor baby....its going to cost you $100 to entertain 4 people on a Sat night with a concert AND a ballgame.....
      Why don't you try that in any other entertainment market in the US...
      Better yet.... why don't you stay home and watch a movie and have a $10 pizza.....Look how much you would save!

      • jim says:

        sorry if i'm a season ticket holder on a family budget. they basically want me to pay more for 2 tickets this year than i paid for 3 last year. what's with that? i thought they were trying to get more butts in the seats. sure doesn't make sense to me. their weekend sales will suffer unless we're at the top.

        but let's be honest about CC, he has been great for us, but is he worth 1/5 of our payroll? no. he had a good year, but this will be carlo's last year also. if we're not in at the trade deadline, they will be both gone, maybe at wholesale trade value. we can get the max possible out of CC in th


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