We are pretty sure that most of you throw up a little every time two mayors wager over a championship game. We do. Well, if that bothers you, you might want to sit down before hearing what the Tampa and Clearwater mayors have done. Mayoral championship wagering just Jumped the Shark…

The Tampa Bay Rays didn’t make the World Series this year, but two local mayors aren’t letting that stop them from betting on the outcome…Since Clearwater and Tampa are the spring training homes of the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees, Clearwater’s mayor has made a wager with Tampa’s mayor.

Somebody please explain to us how it is possible that the mayor of Tampa is openly rooting for, and wagering on, the New York Yankees in the World Series. Maybe the Rays should change their name to the St. Pete Rays Pelicans.


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  1. Rayhawk says:

    Torrealba, gets my vote, Pudge and kendall are like they squat one more time it will take three plumbers 24 hours to get them out..

    Mayors suck, both of them, just to get their name in the papers, my God they have short memories.

  2. Don says:

    Look we have THREE teams with strong ties to the Tampabay area...
    If the Rays can't cut the mustard...why not have FUN with our other two teams....would you rather have LA, LAA, St Louis, RedSox ass h-les,
    or Colorado??? The BEST two teams in 2009 are playing and fans in this area can lay claim to one of them..as we watch with our players(Rays) at home!

    • I'm not saying you can't root for a team in the World Series. But if you put on a Yankees jersey, you are not a Rays fan. And the way I see it, the mayor of Tampa just put on a Yankees jersey and extended her middle finger in the direction of the Trop.

      I am willing to give the Clearwater mayor a pass (barely) because the Phillies are all they have in Clearwater as far as pro sports.

      • Don says:

        Its ironic many so-called Rays fans would like the team to move to Tampa.....Get this ....Tampa (esp politicians) could care less about the Rays...besides they can't afford another team (stadium)....They have the Yankees plus the Boss and his families support....
        So Rays fans get a clue...N. Pinellas Co. is BEST for EVERYONE including Tampa...and their wonderful (Yankee) fans !
        Plus..when Phillies are training...Rays are gone to Port Charlotte...
        Then the Phillies leave.. and Rays would come to Clearwater area with plenty of baseball fans...(Phils + Blue Jays)!!

        • Nate says:

          Wait, I'm confused. The mayors could care less? So they care then? Meaning, it is possible for them to actually put less care into the teams than they currently do. So they care?

          Don the point is that there is a segment of the Rays fan population that lives in Pinellas and those folks find it annoying that the Tampa mayor is openly supporting a division rival. Imagine if Rick Baker paraded around town in a New Orleans Saints jersey this January, and the St Pete city council decided to build a practice facility for the Saints in downtown St Pete (publically financed). It's the exact same thing as the Yankees/Tampa relationship. That's why people are annoyed.

          The communities at large didn't launch a 15 year effort to land a baseball team only to have it serve as a means to provide out of towners to watch other teams compete. There's one home team.

    • Rome says:

      There is ONLY one PROFESSIONAL baseball team in the area. That's the Rays. Do the Yankees or Phillies have an "TB" on their caps? No, they spring train in the area. With the Yankees and Phillies the Tampa area is a MINOR LEAGUE town. Phillies, Red Sox, and Yankees think of the area as their second home. That doesn't sit right with me. Both Mayor should be ashamed, especially Tampa. Tampa is "unofficially" trying to lure the Rays to the Tampa side of the area. Why should they even bother then the mayor, who only knows how to smile and cut tape, supports a part time resident more then the team that sports "TB" on their caps? If rolls were reverse and the Mayors of Queens and Brunswick or New Prussia and Cherry Hill, there would be a HUGE backlash.

      So, save your words and shut up. This is just INSULTING.

      • Let me clarify my point on the Clearwater Mayor. I think the Clearwater mayor shouldn't have done it either, but I understand why. Clearwater is a small town and the Phillies have been training there since the '40s. There is a lot of local pride in the Phillies. Sure I wish those people were rooting for the Rays but it is not easy for 10 years of crappy baseball to overcome 60+ years. On the other hand, the Yankees have been training in Tampa for about 13 years and there is no "civic pride" in the Yankees. The Tampa mayor is just selling out.

        • Rome says:

          Hey man, say what you will. I don't like the Clearwater mayor getting involved either. St. Pete was not the only town excited when the area got awarded a franchise. It was the area as a whole. For richer or poorer the Rays are the BAY AREAS team. This between the mayor is sickening.

          Yes, Clearwater HAD history with the Phillies. That's good and well, but that's the past. You can't nick pick for a winner and then justify it with history, that's just insulting.

          In the Olympics did Alaska root for USA or Russia? Alaska had history with Russia since 1741 and was purchased by the US in 1867. Alaska has people that have roots in Russia, but they call themselves Americans, right?

          My point is you are apart of this area, the Tampa Bay area. Why hold on to a history that is not ours any longer? Why not ween yourself off it and connect with what is currently going on in the Tampa Bay area.

          I understand that in Tampa you have dirty New York money, and the Steinbrenners, for Joe Pesci's sake there is a school named after the guy. I understand that Philidelphia has roots in Clearwater and around the Tampa Bay area for that matter. But, it doesn't justify how insulting this a resident to the area. And I will not excuse it.

          • Nate says:

            Additionally, St Pete HAD history with the Cardinals and Mets. Granted, both teams moved springs ops to the east coast but still. There's more history between St Pete and those teams than there is with Tampa and the Yankees.

  3. Jessica says:

    Dang, I was hoping to see Jeff Mathis on that list of catchers!

  4. Justin H says:

    I like Chris Snyder, but not his price tag. He had a great 08 and he could be a solid back-up and a potential starter

  5. KillaTapes says:

    What about Doumit? Injuries plagued his '09 season, but I could see him bouncing back. The Rays might be able to make a good trade without giving up too much.

  6. Justin says:

    Wow, Prof and co, you guys are becoming extremists. Don is absolutely right. Have fun, because that's what sports are for.

    If you want to suit up in a specific uniform and reject everyone else who is not wearing said uniform, I suggest building a time machine and returning to your rightful place in history. May I suggest Fascist Germany, Mussolini's Italy, or Maoist China?

    Seriously, this is how people start to lose their grip on reality. They start fights with people who support the "other" team. Happens all the time in Boston and NY... let's keep our heads.

    I support this site frequently, but please, remember PERSPECTIVE.


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