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  • That committee looking for a new home for the Rays that has zero authority whatsoever? It sounds like the city of St. Pete could eventually sure that committee even though the committee is operating at the request of Mayor Rick Baker…We must say, we used to be excited about the notion of a new stadium for the Rays. But now, when we read these stories we laugh. We would be shocked if the Rays had a new stadium before 2018. [St. Pete Times]
  • Wade Davis (5), Jeremy Hellickson (6) and Reid Brignac (10) were named as part of the International League’s top 20 prospects. [Baseball America]
  • The Rays have hired the Astros pitching coach Dewey Robinson to help oversee the pitching in the minor leagues. [The Heater]
  • Tom Jones interviewed Carlos Pena about his newest gig as an analyst for the MLB Network. [St. Pete Times]




  1. cubfanraysaddict says:

    If you take out players no longer eligible for rookie qualification Davis and Hellboy are #1 and #2 on the list, even with them those are excellent players in front of and behind them .

    • I am not sure if any other organizations had a player(s) have a huge jump into the upper prospect rankings, but I have to figure that Davis, Hellboy and Jennings are all top 15 prospects when those lists start coming out.

  2. leningan says:

    i thought we had a pitching coach in the minors that everyone loved... can he replace Hickey?

    • Well, Xavier Hernandez is the pitching coach at Durham. This guy is going to help oversee all the minor league pitchers and won't be as hands-on as Hernandez. My guess is that he is more like a roving instructor that makes sure the organization's pitching philosophy is being institute at all levels.

  3. leningan says:

    got it. has hernandez done enough to merit a call up? or is he just that good in AAA... on another note do we groom relievers down there? presumably we have some good ones what with winning championships after having the entire roster stolen from them.

    • Hard to say about Hernandez. A lot of people are high on him and I suspect he is the pitching coach-in-waiting. However, I suspect he will find a job elsewhere before Hickey is gone.

      As for relievers, there are a few with potential like Morlan and Reid. But I think the team is more focused on developing starters and converting the ones that don't quite make it to the bullpen (Talbot?).


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