This was brought up by a commenter a few days ago but is worth mentioning here…Pat Burrell was signed this past off-season over other free agents, in part because he was a right-handed bat that would help the Rays versus left-handed pitchers.

Let’s compare Burrell’s production versus lefties to another member of the Rays. And for shites and giggles, let’s throw in two other players, one right-handed, the other left-handed…

You know who else hit as many home runs versus lefties as Burrell? My mom.


  • The Rays recently handed out $145K to local not-for-profits as part of the continuing efforts of The Rays Baseball Foundation. [MLB]
  • Andrew Friedman said the Rays will not have a designated closer in 2010, but it is not because he wouldn’t want one. [Bradenton Herald]
  • Andrew Friedman says the Rays attendance this season will impact future payrolls noting the team “stretched” to reach $63 million this season. [St. Pete Times]
  • Just when we thought Martin Fennelly had started easing up on his use of one-sentence disjointed paragraphs. The Fennellyisms rear their ugly head in grand fashion. This time it is something about the Rays not being hungry enough this season. We are not sure because it is hard to read. But hey, if you need to fill column inches and can’t think of enough words, why not just make each sentence its own paragraph. Genius!  [Tampa Tribune]
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  • In a move that should surprise nobody, that UFL football game to be held at The Trop featuring the Rays new business partner, will also feature a post-game concert. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Rays the Stakes is still running their contest to give away an autographed Jason Bartlett baseball card. [Rays the Stakes]




  1. Don says:

    Times paper this morning...Maddon says he EXPECTS..."Burrell AND Navarro to make a turn around next year".....
    I want to be optimistic and look forward to 2010.....BUT
    If I have to look at those two in the lineup with their .200 batting avg.
    I will be expecting another mediocre season...3rd in AL east...
    Unless Ted Williams is new hitting coach...I understand his body is around Florida somewhere!!!

  2. Gus says:

    From the Herald: Friedman said Pat Burrell’s off year at the plate was a blip in Burrell’s career. “You just don’t forget how to hit,” Friedman said, adding Burrell’s neck injury and his transition to a new league and the DH role played a part in his season-long slump.

    You don't forget how to hit; but plenty of 33 year old sluggers DO stop hitting. See Posanaski's column from earlier this year. Friedman is young, but while I understand he needs to support his players, at some point it becomes delusional. In most Rays circles it was taken as gospel that Pat was coming back to mean. But you can't keep giving away at bats and expect to win. He needs to challenge Burrell and say in public: Just because we owe you $9M doesn't mean we owe you 500 at bats.

    Best players should play, not the fattest contracts should play. That's what I ask for more than anything.

    Also, I saw the Rays had the second highest % of their payroll in the bullpen in all of MLB. Front office needs to re-think that whole approach of veterans in the bullpen. I don't want an expensive closer. I want an effective closer. Young guys can do that. We have nothing but live arms in thie organization. Has to be one who can close.

    • If the Rays cannot significantly upgrade behind the plate, my biggest want for the off-season is 1-2 hard throwers in the 'pen. The Rays just have too many "crafty" relievers that throw 88.

  3. Brixology says:

    Wasn't he closer to his career averages in the second half?

    • Yes, he had a decent 2-month stretch, but apparently it all came against RHP.

    • Gus says:

      And if you watched his at bats, there was never a stretch where he seemed "locked in". The book on him was that he was really streaky. He had several really bad streeaks, but never any 2 week stretches where he carried the team. With 1/8th of the team payroll, he needed to do that.

  4. Don says:

    Where is Friedman from....Mars....33 is not young for a major league hitter.... and yes you do "forget" how to hit...
    It's called deteriorating physical skills as we happens to everyone ....Burrell included!
    Management's big decision: If Burrell starts out the same in 2010....
    ie. first month or so hitting .220...Do they keep letting him play because they payed him too much.....even if it cost them the playoffs... again???


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