Let’s start this with a Topkintopia before we get to the regular Webtopia. Several good tidbits in Marc Topkin’s latest piece

  • Both Pat Burrell and BJ Upton will likely be back in 2010 unless somebody makes an offer the Rays can’t refuse. In the case of Burrell, that means somebody taking his entire $9 million salary.
  • Dioner Navarro is a big question mark and the Rays could non-tender him (essentially release him rather than offer arbitration). However, quotes from the team leaves Topkin feeling that they may prefer to bring him back next year.
  • Topkin says there has been “little recent talk” between the Cubs and Rays and calls the chances of a Pat Burrell-for-Milton Bradley deal “slim.”
  • The Rays have a short-list of candidates for hitting coach but will likely wait until after the postseason and for vacant managerial positions to be filled before making a hire.
  • Topkin calls Jake McGee a candidate to eventually be converted to a closer.
  • Andrew Friedman said it is “very unrealistic” to expect Desmond Jennings to make the big league club in Spring Training next year, pointing out that he is still relatively inexperienced due to a history of injuries.
  • On the other hand, Andrew Friedman wants Matt Joyce to come into Spring Training with the mind-set to “win a job.”


  • Where I Stand tracked 66 baseball “experts” and their 2009 preseason predictions. Who finished first? Kevin Kennedy. Yep, that Kevin Kennedy. Apparently their is no truth to the rumor that he made his picks last week after watching a replay of the season. [Where I Stand]
  • Huh? How can a Detroit Free-Press writer make Carl Crawford a key piece of a story and potential acquisition of the Tigers and not know that the Rays have a club option on Crawford for 2010? Crawford has no say in whether the option is exercised (it will be). [Detroit Free-Press]
  • Rays Prospects have the details of a celebration to honor the Durham Bulls triple-A championship. [Rays Prospects]
  • Does Jeff Niemann have a shot at the Rookie of the Year award? One blogger thinks so. [Club Seat]
  • Dock of the Rays recounts a Devil Rays game they attended in 2003. Good read. [Dock of the Rays]
  • Rise of the Rays wonders if the Rays should bring back Cliff Floyd. [Rise of the Rays]




  1. The Freep column is an example of cutbacks at the newspapers. They won't pay anybody anything, so you get these kinds of boneheaded columns. Honestly, "Who wouldn't want Carl Crawford?" is a prime example of why people like the Professor are the future of sports journalism.

  2. Don says:

    A. Friedman.... wants Matt Joyce to come to spring training with the mind set to win a job....because he looks like a moron for giving away possibility our best pitcher...... E Jax!
    Whats Joyce going to do ...sit on bench ????

  3. Scot says:

    So Kevin K. was the expert of the year for 2009... interesting. This was an odd year. Lets collect a few more data points before I put faith in KK and no longer in BP.

    I would not rehire KK and put in my favorite - Todd "the man" Kalas.


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