1. Charles says:

    I'm still holding out hope that the Angels can pull it out, because I can still root for Beef K and I like monkeys.

    But if it does (as is likely) end up Yanks-Phils, I'll probably just fire up the Playstation and play a more likable World Series for myself.

  2. Carey says:

    I personally do not see how any self-respecting Rays fan could root for the Yankees. Call me when Carl's bill is too high. Call me when Evan goes bye-bye because we can't afford him. The Yankees are the root of this problem because they do not just spend, they engage in predatory spending. Look at the contracts. They routinely spend 10-20 percent more than the next best offer.

    IMO, they do this for two reasons. The first is obvious: To get their man. The second not so obvious, just devious. That is, by overspending, they raise the cost of doing business on everyone else. Not satisfied with the greatest competitive advantage in all of sports (at least those in the known world), they intentionally press this advantage by consistently and purposely overspending on players.

    Or, maybe it's that their fans are the biggest coward-ass, front-running, turn-on-you-in-a-second-if-you-don't-perform-then-pretend-they-loved-you-all-along-when-you-do, douchbags on earth and they have to overspend just to get players to go there and put up with their entitlement bullshit.

    Either way, they can go screw themselves. They are the Scott Tinnerman of sports and I long to taste the sweetness of their woefull tears when they flush another 200 million down the porcelain shit tube.

    Plus, as much as I hate Philly, I kinda like "The Phillies." To a man, they all seem pretty cool. This, in contrast to the primped up, primadonna fags in pinstripes.

  3. Beth says:

    I'm with Carey on this one. I could never muster up any real antagonism toward the Phillies (and neither, I guess, could the Rays, given how they played in last year's WS!). None of their players make me cringe, and their fans may be rude but they have never exuded that air of entitlement that comes wafting over the from Yankee and Red Sox contingents.

    I drive down Dale Mabry Hwy many days, passing that obnoxious sign on the Yankee's training fields listing all their championship victory years. My only pleasure comes from noting the fact that the last date was 2000. How much have they spent since?

    I will root for any team that can help keep that sign unchanged.

  4. leningan says:

    I wanted a vote for rain/sever weather delays until March

  5. Don says:

    Look we (Rays) are in the AL East ....maybe the best division in all of baseball...why/how could any Rays fan root for the Phillies.....
    They, their players, owners, fans are ass H----s...
    My $ is on the Yankees...if we can't beat them ... ...let them prove we were in tough in our division...
    Screw the Phillies!!!!.....I forgot Jeter is the best...believe me!

  6. cubfanraysaddict says:

    1. Bears
    2. MLB dissolves
    3. Phillies
    4. Terrorist
    5. Maddoff 2.0 screwing Steinbrenner

  7. chris says:

    im not even going to watch the world series...unless the angels can make it. even then ill only watch it if the lightning arent playing and sons of anarchy isnt on. looking forward to the end of feb.

  8. Dirtbag Fan says:

    there's always the possibility of a swine flu outbreak...

  9. MJ says:

    may as well let the yanks get it out of the way this year and hope they suffer a hangover next season.

    • Beth says:

      I like that reasoning. Esp. given how the Rays' slow start was attributed to tired arms, too much celebrating, etc. So let's hope for a Yankees victory, but one that requires a 7 game ALCS and 7 game series. And let CC Sabathia continue to throw 150 pitches and pitch ever third game.

  10. Sam A says:

    If the series is Yankees-Phillies, I'm cheering for the Phils in four. If it is Angels-Phillies, I don't care who wins.

    I won't be paying much attention either way. When you have Joe Buck, a guy who knows nothing about the game and admits to not being much of a fan, calling the games, all the fun is taken out.


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