Yesterday, Chris DeLuca of the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Cubs are targeting the Rays as a trade partner in an effort to move Milton Bradley. DeLuca suggested the Cubs could take back Pat Burrell in the deal.

Today, Buster Olney’s sources say that a Bradley-Burrell deal is very unlikely citing our biggest question mark yesterday: Why would the Cubs want Burrell and Alfonso Soriano in the same outfield.

The Rays are talking with the Cubs about Milton Bradley, as reported in the Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday, but at this point, sources say, it’s very much a long shot that this deal gets worked out…If Burrell was, in fact, in this conversation — and to this point, it’s all speculation — then it would raise this question: What would the Cubs do with him? They certainly couldn’t play both him and Alfonso Soriano in the same outfield at the same time.

From a Rays perspective, this deal might be a good idea. But there are two teams involved and even if the Cubs are desperate to move Bradley, they still have to consider their 2010 roster. And right now, Burrell just does not look like a good fit.

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  1. Brett says:

    If the Rays really wanted to dump Burrell they should of put him on waivers and cut their ties with him. This would of saved 9 million that could of been used for relievers or a new DH. Not for Bradley thats only a year younger.

  2. Indy Rays Fan says:

    Good. I think we just have to ride Burrell out one more year and dump his *ss, unless by some miracle he improves. It could happen. Maybe. Probably not, but still....

  3. Rayhawk says:

    Better Burrell, than the CLOWN from Chicago..........

  4. Brad Mofsky says:

    BAD IDEA BURRELL SIMPLY HAD A BAD YEAR HE AVERAGES #) HRS A YEAR AND STILL GOT 14 This Year,He will Improve next year (We certainly hope so anyway)

  5. Dirtbag Fan says:


    Great job this season- I really appreciate all the work you do to keep bringing us new and infomative info day-in and day-out.
    Hopefully you'll renew your contract (if you haven't already) and be back for more torture next season.
    Despite running my own blog, Rays Index is still my homebase for info and links and I always look forward to seeing what you've got in-store for us next.
    Thanks Again!


    p.s. Does the trade pool end at the beginning of next season?

  6. Brad Mofsky says:

    30 Home runs a year(Throughout his Careeer) he still got 14 this year,not horrible,just bad for his personal stats,he will be better in'10. Pat Burrell deserves a second chance,let's give him one.

  7. ben says:

    Even with the wiff king Burrell I'd rather see him in a rays uniform than Bradley. The minute anything doesn't go Bradley's way he starts crying and being a pain in the butt. Give Burrell the second year on his contract and see what he does, he averages 30+ a year in home runs, and he only got 14 which is great for some people. Bradley ive never seen much out of him besides two years ago in texas, and he is an older version of Elijah Dukes, and that was why the Rays dropped Dukes when they had the chance.


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