The Rays Confidence Graph will appear every Thursday and is a look at how much confidence Rays fans have in the Tampa Bay Rays. The graph is designed to give us a look at how our emotional bias as Rays fans fluctuates through time. The “confidence” in the team is an inexact measure of how fans feel about the team’s current strength as well as how much confidence fans have in the franchise for the next 3-4 years. Notes on this week’s agida-level can be found after the graph..

Notes on the RI Confidence Graph…

  • The most common response for “Confidence in 2009 Rays” was 1 with 34.5%.
  • The most common response for “Confidence in future of franchise” was 8 with 35.8%.




  1. The Rays nucleus moving forward is as good or better than any team in baseball.

    Whether they can keep that nucleus together long term is the big question.

  2. Don says:

    Forget about the "long run"....Lets say tomorrow every team goes back to 0 wins 0 losses....
    How would feel about the current Rays team beating the Yankees and Red Sox for the next 5 months (162 games)...
    I'd say zero they couldn't beat LA or Detriot....
    So...make changes in off season...or get use to 3rd place and no playoffs!


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