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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

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We will get back to normal GBTs next week. We might be writing them at 4am, but they will be written. Speaking of which…Thanks for all the well-wishes. They mean a lot. And yes, I made the newborn Rays cap. MLB does not offer and infant sized Rays gear.

THE TELLING: David Price (above right) is NOT a good looking women. And as somebody else mentioned, the Rays picked an interesting time (following their 8th straight loss) to haze the rookies. As for Price, it is a good thing he is left-handed as he will always have a job in baseball. Because there is no way he is making any money as a Drag Queen.



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  1. steve-o1285 says:

    "Andy Sonnanstine will lean on the other relievers to learn his new role."

    This one is too easy.

  2. Rayhawk says:

    I don't know Cork, I think he looks much better than Longo did...lol

  3. Andy Kline says:

    I like the pick for Sunburst player of the game. no one. it's about time you picked no one. no one has deserved it for a while. i feel like no one is a person now. i'm confused.

  4. Gus, a mere casual fan says:

    I wish they'd dress Price up as a closer and let him imitate one for a few weeks. Keep his innings down, and maybe give you a preview of one solution for 2010.

    Neimann has really been great. Congratulations to him. He's even been better when pitching with men on lately. It took him a while, so he should enjoy the honors coming his way.

    Why not go into 2010 with:

    Shields-Garza-Davis-Neiman-Hellickson in the rotation and try to craft a bullpen around Price and JP? Putting aside the lefty-righty thing, those are the best 7 pitchers right now. They should be the focus. I'm tired of the organization's best arms being worn out for the amusement of the good folks in Durham. Get them up to the bigs and see what happens. We only have another year or two of Pena-CC-Zobrist-Longo; 2010 needs to be a year where they stop worrying about tomorrow and try like hell to win.

    Also, when can we shut Garza and Shields down? After the Boston series, when contenders are off the board, is time to go AAA for the starters.

    • cubfanraysaddict says:

      you've made some horrible comments but this has to be one of the worst. Price as closer....yes, why not put last years top prospect in all of baseball in a situation where he can only be worth 2-3 war a year in the very best of circumstances. A guy who obviously needs to throw more strikes, but has all the potential in the world, lets limit him to 2-3 innings a week. Why don't we keep him from developing his change up at all and just let him rely on two pitches for two innings a week. BECAUSE PRICE has the ability to be a top 5 lefty starter in all of the majors, you don't give up on starting an early 20's phenom after one year of general mediocrity, nor do you move him to a less important position because of it, we spent the #1 draft pick on him, and by god he was worth it, if we give him more than 4 months to prove it. Stop with the reactionary comments, lean on something more than the last couple of weeks,.

  5. Beth says:

    First, I think it's very funny that the rookie "hazing" involves making these guys dress as women. Like that's the most humiliating thing that could happen to a guy! Could any of you men explain to me why this is so? Curious whether Perez was considered a rookie subject to that treatment -- my guess is he has the panache to pull off a good cross-dressing effort with just the right touch of irony. Have I mentioned that I love that guy?

    Secondly, I do think the timing for the rookie hazing is unfortunate, at least for Price and Niemann. Haven't the recent bullpen debacles been humiliation enough?

    • Gus, a mere casual fan says:

      I think Perez got baptized late last season -- as a Hooters girl on a late-season trip to NYC. I think they have to do it NYC -- where else would you get size 13 pink high heels?

  6. Wally Pipp says:

    About Jeff Niemann's luck (and lack thereof), he's been pretty unlucky with the schedule this year.

    This season, the Giraffe has twice as many road starts as he does at home. Imagine his stats if he had a more equitable distribution of starts at home. If 6 or 7 of his road starts had been at home -- where his ERA is a run and a half lower -- he'd be running away with the ROY.

    Let's not even mention what it'd be like if the bullpen could get an out or two...

  7. Don says:

    What the hell did Niemann look like......He would be the biggest broad in the WNBA???


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