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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

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THE GOOD: BJ Upton. After an 0-17 stretch, Bossman has 4 hits in his last 7 at bats.

THE BAD: DevilRaysian Bullpen. In one recent 25-game stretch, the Rays gave up 8 home runs in the 8th inning or later that tied the game or put the Rays behind. They did it again last night thanks to Dan Wheeler.

THE TELLING: 12,514. As in the attendance last night…Ichiro’s home run was long, but it wasn’t that long. It had a “true distance” of 402 feet. There have been 57 home runs at the Trop this season that have traveled farther.



  • Joe Maddon on the late-season struggles: “I like the way everybody’s hanging together. There’s a lot of lessons to be learned through negative experiences also.” Marc Topkin on JoeMa’s statement: “Well, they should be plenty smart then.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. [St. Pete Times]
  • Wade Davis is using the last few weeks as an audition for the 2010 rotation. Anybody think there is a chance he won’t be in the rotation next season? [St. Pete Times]
  • Would you give up one of the Rays young starting pitchers for Adam Dunn? He would certainly be an upgrade over Pat Burrell, but Dunn will make $12 million next season and what do you do with Burrell and his contract? [Bleacher Report]




  1. Charles says:

    I might do it if all of Dunn's salary was picked up. Then you could send Pat Burrell away and offer to pay some of his salary for the team he's traded to. If you could do that, you'd have Adam Dunn at some fraction of Pat Burrell's salary, and even if that fraction is 100%, you end up with Adam Dunn at Burrell's salary with a prospect swap thrown in. If you pay all of Burrell's salary, the prospects might even come out close to even.

    • Justin H says:

      Jeff Niemann, Wade Davis plus Wheeler, or Jeremy Hellickson plus Sonny for Dunn? The Rays could have signed him when he was a free agent but got Burrell cause he's a right handed bat. This deal just doesn't make sense.

  2. Don says:

    Here's a new one..
    "Ichiro's home run was long, but it wasn't that long."
    Question: how long does it have to be once it travels over the fence?

    Also 12,500 fans pay good money (+parking+concessions +,+,) to see a game that basically means nothing...sounds pretty good to me!

  3. Beth says:

    We were all at home watching the Durham Bulls!!

  4. Tone says:

    We have too many strike out guys, Dunn would add a million more and clog the bases(too much money). We should just dump Burrell and have an alternating DH of Joyce, Carl(when at Trop), and Zobrist. Use it to rest people that need to stay in the line up(Joe loves to rest). I would resign Aki for cheap and keep DJ in AAA at least until May. Use Sean as our new Aybar and bring up Hellboy midway through to help with injury or to trade another starter. Sadly we will likely lose Aki and Carl(maybe Carlos). And next year's record will look the same as this years or worse. I do not like how this team is being handled since 2008, Burrell signing and Maddon extension killed the magic. Need a STRONG spring next year!

  5. Gus, a casual fan says:

    I'd rather see the Bulls play the Rays right now. Without Pena, the Bulls would give them a game. They have the better bullpen right now, that is for sure.

    S-Rod looks pretty cocky up at the plate -- lots of Dade County attitude coming through. I'd love to see them give DJ or S-Rod a chance to play CF next year. Watching BJ at the plate just wears me out.

  6. Justin H says:

    Adam Dunn for Jeff Niemann
    Adam Dunn for Wade Davis and Dan Wheeler
    Adam Dunn for Jeremy Hellickson and Andy Sonnanstine

    That's what they say in that article, does anyone think 1 year of Dunn with Pat the Bat still on the team worth any of this? How much is it really worth? They all have chances to be top of the rotation starters and Dunn is not going to be that much of an improvement over Pat the Bat. This trade would make no sense, especially the way the Rays front office does things.

    • I agree although I think Dunn for Niemann is at least in the ballpark. Keep in mind that the Rays would also get 2 picks in the top 60 (or so) in 2011 as compensation for losing Dunn. And consider Dunn's salary. If the Nat's picked up a chunk (> $5M) then they would be able to command a better player(s) in return. the Nats have a very wealthy owner so it is at least conceivable that they would be willing to swallow a chunk, but I still doubt it.

      And if you think the Rays rotation in 2011 is Shields, Garza, Price, Davis, Hellickson...Niemann is certainly expendable.


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