Marc Lancaster is reporting (via Twitter) that the Rays have indeed acquired Sean Rodriguez from the Angels as the player to be named later in the Scott Kazmir trade. Rodriguez has been assigned to triple-A Durham.



  1. Brixology says:

    So the initial reaction seems to be quite positive. Sounds like Rodriguez will have a shot at replacing Aki as the every day 2B. Any intel from anyone else?

  2. Don says:

    Never seen him play..but guarantee he's not better than Zobrist...
    Unless Zo already slotted for outfield!...Don't start with the utility player BS!

  3. Gus says:

    He's the back-up middle infielder next year. He's no spring chicken (24?), but at least he has some MLB at bats and 2009 he looked good at AAA. So the trade can now be valued: 85% salary dump, 15% player value.

    Glad to see Cork wasn't swallowing the company line in its totality with the BoSox station interview (unlike his counterpart RJ). It was an ill-timed trade that saves money for years down the road but was bad for the here and now.

    It seems like the only way the Rays are going to have a team of players in their peak years (26-29) is to keep going after late bloomers like this who can still have their contracts controlled as they hit their late 20's (the "Zobrist Model"). And they are definitely making their prospects wait a long time in AAA before they get called up. I don't like it, but I understand why they are doing it.

    • Wally Pipp says:

      I'd say it's more 50/50 salary dump/player value. From a talent standpoint, this is a pretty good trade.

      No wonder Maddon was so excited about the former PTBNL (Player That Was Named?). Sean Rodriguez has played six positions in the minors. The two positions he didn't play are first base (which I"m sure he can pick up) and catcher (and early in his career, the Angels considered converting him to catcher). The kid is athletic with a good combination of speed and power and offers flexibility. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes the Rays' super utility player in 2010. I also wouldn't be surprised if we get a glimpse of him in September.

  4. Don says:

    How do the Rays need more infielders..esp if Aki not gone...
    Lets see...Longo, JB, Aki, Zo Pena, Aybar (if Necessary)....whos better than these guys...what play 10-20 games a year...what???
    Where's the outfielders.... CC gone (hope not/prob.not), Upton.. a pain in the ass, right field been unsettled for 2 years now...Guess where we need help?? Jason Bay/ Josh Hamilton where are you.....if only!

    • Kevin says:

      I like the point always reiterated on this site that no moves are made in isolation. The PTBNL being a super utility type seems to indicate that Zo is an everyday guy next year. Kaz salary gone seems to indicate to me that CC option will get picked up. So Zo is at 2B. Aki and JB could have options declined/traded. Then you've got Longo, Briggy, Zo, Pena, Aybar with Rodriguez as super utility.

      • Don says:

        The POINT is.. if Aki not gone... we have 6 infielders this kid can not be better how much can he play??
        Where we NEED help is in the outfield and they are not able to trade or sign any players to help THIS team (infield set)!.... Got IT!


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