hangoverFrom Walkoff Walks’ archives, comes this little gem about the Rays newest catcher, Gregg Zaun, whose name appeared in the Mitchell Report.

In the Mitchell Report, Kirk Radomski provided the authorities a check from Zaun’s bank account for $500 that was used to buy steroids. Zaun’s excuse? He claims he gave a semi-blank check to Jason Grimsley, and it was Grimsley that then sent the check to Radomski. No really. That’s Zaun’s conspiracy theory. He’s Super Cereal.

Can you imagine if Alex Rodriguez had tried that excuse? Walkoff Walk has more on Zaun’s “explanation.”

The Rays have a $2 million option on Zaun for 2010, with a $500K buyout.

Zaun Breaks Silence on Mitchell Report, Buttered Popcorn [Walkoff Walk]



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