1. Don says:

    If Sonnanstine has ANY role in Rays pitching staff in Sept...we will NOT be playing in Oct.!!
    Wait ....How those equipment bags that get left around...He could be in charge of them!

  2. Dustin says:

    It seems like Sonny's role should depend somewhat upon where the Rays are in the standings. If they've still got a shot at the Wild Card in September, then starting Price probably puts them in a better position to stay in contention (though Sonny's 108 OPS+ in away games, while not great, is better by a lot than Price's 152, so maybe Sonny could spot-start when Price is scheduled for a game outside the Trop). If the Wild Card race has slipped away, then there's no reason to risk Price's, or anyone else's, arm, and it might make sense to bring Sonny up as a sixth man. By which I mean to say, I'm not sure how to answer the question.

    Also, to Don, I agree that Sonnanstine has been disappointing this year, but c'mon man. The guy won 13 games for the Rays last year. Only Niemann seems a sure bet to match that this year. That doesn't mean we oughta be starting Sonny out of loyalty, but it does make hating on the guy a bit over the top.

    • KillaTapes says:

      And he was great down the stretch last year, and into the ALDS. How quickly people forget what someone's capable of.

  3. Jason W says:

    wheres the option that says stay in the minors?I dont even know how he would do in a relief role.And anyways even with the succes of Howell do we really need another high 80s thrower?


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