Jayson Stark is reporting that the Rays exposed two of their starting pitchers to waivers recently.

Clubs monitoring the waiver wire say the Rays’ Jeff Niemann and Andy Sonnanstine both got claimed this week — and were immediately pulled back.

It is quite possible that the Rays were looking to deal one or both of the starting pitchers, but balked when a different team claimed one or both, or they were just gauging interest. It is also possible that the Rays were employing a very popular practice this time of year in which a team will expose many of their players to waivers hoping to sneak one or two through.

It does seem that the Rays do still have a surplus of starting pitching and nothing is more valuable. But would the Rays deal another pitcher after already having moved both Edwin Jackson and Jason Hammel? Seems unlikely.

Clock ticking on Strasburg negotiations [ESPN]



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