In the 5th inning Todd Kalas did one of his “sideline” reports, in which he interviewed Rays bullpen coach Bobby Ramos. But what was really interesting about the interview is who was sitting behind Ramos. Original Devil Ray Roberto Hernandez. And he was rocking the old school Devil Rays cap…

Hernandez, who saved 101 games for the Devil Rays from 1998-2000 and represented the Devil Rays in the 1999 All-Star game, last played in the big leagues in 2007.

Anybody think it is a coincidence that Hernandez just happens to show up to the Trop on the night after the Rays played 13 innings and needed 6 innings of relief from the bullpen? And he just happens to get a seat right behind the bullpen? If Hernandez was making himself available in case of emergency, next he should update his uniform.



  1. Don says:

    Missed interview with Ramos...wonder if Kalas asked him, "whos in charge of the bullpen...including equipment bags laying around...."
    Bet his answer would be..."Hey man... is not my job...the 16 yo bag boy did it"! Just guessing ............

  2. It actually was a bit of a karma thing going on last night. Roberto was actually throwing a party for the Northwest Little League team that went to the Dizzy Dean World Series last week. One of his sons played on the team and he was there as a parent of the group of kids that did great in the Tourney, but did not get the big prize.
    They rented out the Checkers Bullpen Cafe for a celebration party and Roberto had his boys and his girls there last night.
    But, as for the "old School" hat, I think that might be the one they gave him on the "Throwback Night" when he was out signing before the game at a table on the first base sideline.

    • CdoubleU says:

      It's Northwest Youth Baseball, not "Little League," and the 9 yr olds finished 3rd out of a large field of teams in the Dizzy Dean World Series.

  3. Justin says:

    That is a NEW old school cap... if it was original, it would have had a gray under brim.

    Wonder where he got it? Are they producing them again?


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