Via Biscuit Crumbs we are pointed to the Sports Business Journal’s ranking of every minor league market. Overall, the Rays minor league affiliates did not fare well. Bowling Green, KY was not included in the rankings as data was derived from 2005-2008.

20. Princeton, WV
29. Wappingers Falls, NY (Hudson Valley)
69. Durham, NC
152. Port Charlotte, FL
203. Montgomery, AL

The rankings were based on a number of factors including market size and attendance.



  1. Rayhawk says:

    What happened? 2 or 3 yrs ago we were rated #1 by Baseball America, we didnt deplete the system, we just didnt do as good a job of scouting talent?

    Like Ried, i still say hes trade bait

    • bobrittner says:

      "The rankings are based on how long a town has had a team, how well a town supports those teams and the health of the town's economy, particularly the effect on attendance. Montgomery ranked 205th in tenure, 184th in attendance and 196th in economy."

      The ranking has nothing to do with the strength of the system or its prospects.

      Too bad about Montgomery. I attended some games there last year, and it is an absolutely beautiful stadium. The city looks rather run down though. The games we were at seemed pretty well attended, but I guess that is not the norm.

      As for ranking the system's talent, it will be interesting to see where we rate next year. We have promoted the #1 or 2 prospect in the country (Price) so we have to see if what is left and what we have replenished keeps us near the top. I am guessing we will fall some but remain reasonably high.

      • Rayhawk says:

        Bob, thanks for the clarification, I was getting worried at my age i heard something

  2. DRR says:

    I would be interested in seeing if Durham would move up on this list in a couple of years. There has been some major changes around the downtown region (right by the stadium) including the opening of a huge performance center that brings in people from around the state. My experience (not based on any actual data) is that there are people who make a weekend of it, with a show one night and a game the other, and people who are just "in the area" of the stadium and by walk-up tickets.

  3. TBdiehard says:

    You left out Hudson Valley, which is ranked 29th.

    29 Wappingers Falls, N.Y. 52.04


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