In this piece by Marc Topkin, we learn that Gregg Zaun wants to catch well into his mid-40s (he is 38 now). But the most disappointing news to us is learning that MLB now has a new rule that says catchers can no longer get custom paint jobs on their catching helmets.

With at least three previous teams, Zaun had his helmet customized much the way a hockey goalie would.

Now compare that to his new helmet with the Rays…


Pretty boring. Apparently the rule changed while Zaun was playing for Baltimore so his helmet at the time was grandfathered in. But now that he is with the Rays, it will just be the plain blue.

Ugh. It’s like Bud Selig just told us Santa Claus wasn’t coming this year because the Rays suck.



  1. Carey says:

    What an idiotic rule. And why? Why create it? Can anyone offer any reasonable reason that this should be disallowed?

    Seems like someone made a rule just to "make a rule."

  2. Dirtbag Fan says:

    They should impose a Felix Hernandez rule that says you MUST wear your hat with the brim facing forward (not sideways)...

  3. Matt says:

    C'mon, I was excited to see Zaun's mask! What is wrong with it? What Dirtbag Fan said, no players should be allowed to wear their hat sideways(Sabathia, Hernandez)


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