hangoverCommenter Beth made a great find with this piece written by Adam Kilgore of the Boston Globe. While Kilgore does give the Rays some credit towards the end for sweeping the Red Sox, the first 6-7 paragraphs gives credit only to Tropicana Field.

Forgive the Red Sox if they were tempted to board their charter last night still wearing their uniforms, while the cowbells still rang in their ears and the fluorescent lights still stung their eyes. Forgive them if they ran from this place screaming. Forgive them for doing anything to leave behind Tropicana Field as fast as they could…It is a baseball diamond trapped inside a demented theme park, where catwalks hang and cowbells clang. Playing here feels weird for invaders. It feels like home for the Rays.

This is the second time in a week that we have heard the opposition openly complain about The Trop. And we love it. We have to admit, the cowbells used to be a little annoying. But if they bother the Red Sox and Yankees, we say keep ’em ringing.

As Beth correctly points out, where were all these advantages for the Rays prior to the 2008 season? We don’t remember any of the writers complaining in the “Devil Rays” years.

Of course back then, the writers could have their story submitted by the 5th inning, leaving plenty of time to visit Mons Venus after the game.

Razed [Boston Globe]



  1. 9equals8.com says:

    It is great to hear Boston and KC complain about the Trop. The more distracting the place is for visitors, THE BETTER!!! MORE COWBELL, BABY!!

  2. MJ says:

    Beth, I was thinking the exact same thing today. There was a quote from this article in the tbt* today. It's funny how they never complained about this place until we starting kicking their asses. It's not surprising coming from the redsox/elitist/roiding nation though.

  3. Nick says:

    "The seats last night were filled with purple and sky blue." Huh?

    Looks like navy to me, not purple.

  4. ParrishRay says:

    Can we want a new stadium because of? When there are a lot of fans in our home, it freaking rocks with the best of them. We lost the Yankees game I went to a couple weeks ago but it was still loud and not Yankee fans, RAYS FANS!

  5. Kelley says:

    Sounds like just more excuses the Red Sox fans make when they lose. Just makes them look sad and pathetic. I love the comment about the elitist/roiding nation. That sums them up perfectly.

  6. Beth says:

    Prof, glad you liked this article. Confession: I always read the Boston Globe sports section after the Rays beat the Red Sox because I get such Schadenfreude from the sound of their gnashing teeth. Also I enjoy reading the reader comments -- Boston fans are already throwing in the towel, even though their team remains just a few games out of first, and ahead in the wild card race! I hope this defeatist view is shared by the players!

  7. Matt says:

    Just read the article and all the sox fans are saying its the team not the stadium! The Sox will choke like always. They were in the same situation in 06 and they then lost 31 of their last 52 games to blow the wildcard! Tampa Bay all the way!!!!!!


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