We will use this post to keep you updated throughout the day on any moves the Rays makes or rumors of moves the Rays might make. So just check back here from time to time.

And what is our take home lesson today kids? The next time Andrew Friedman acquires a big name during the season, will also be the first time.

[4:00pm] Marc Topkin calls it. Time of death, 4:00pm. (no trades)

[2:35pm] Haven’t heard anything on the Rays in quite a while. Marc Lancaster says nothing is likely except maybe an “oh by the way” deal…Keep in mind, if the Rays are just looking for a relief pitcher, that is the type of trade that can still get done in August when players must first clear waivers.

[12:57pm] Bob Nightengale of USA Today says (via Twitter) the Red Sox “are about to acquire Victor Martinez.”

[12:29pm] Jayson Stark says the Rays are still talking to the Indians about Victor Martinez but that they are “more focused on “under-the-radar” bullpen arms.” He adds that the Rays balked at the price for Heath Bell.

[12:13pm] Jonathon Mayo of MLB.com says there is a 50% chance of Victor Martinez being traded, but he does not indicate where he might go. Red Sox seem to be focusing on Adrian Gonzalez.

[11:20am] Posturing or real? All indications are that Roy Halladay isn’t going anywhere.

[11:00am] What we know…

We keep hearing that the Rays continue to talk to the Indians about Victor Martinez and the Jays about Roy Halladay. However, we aren’t hearing any specific details and nothing seems close.

The Rays may no longer feel the need to add a starting pitcher as Joe Maddon called Scott Kazmir the Rays “acquisition” for the stretch after his strong effort on Tuesday. Still, the Rays are open to making a deal, but they probably don’t feel pressured to add any players. We still think the most likely move will be to trade away a left-handed reliever.

One rumor that hit the interwebs late last night had the Rays involved in a three-way deal with the Mets and the Indians, with the Rays receiving Martinez. Three-way deals in baseball are oft-rumored but rarely happen, so we are highly skeptical.

Interestingly, the chatter so far today is very light unlike last year when the rumors about a Jason Bay deal were coming fast and furious.



  1. david says:

    odd question... are these times ET or CT? i think you live in Austin, like I do, so i'm wondering what time zone you're citing...

    • i do split time in Austin and I am there now. Most of the time I keep things ET, but sometimes when I do the updates i forget and put CT. i think all of the updates were CT except for the final one. tis the life of somebody that lives in 2 timezones

  2. Charles says:

    I'd be super surprised if the Rays were major players today. Cliff Lee would have filled their biggest need (a more consistent starter), though I guess V-Mart would fill need 1A (a more consistent catcher). I hope Joe's right about Big Game Beef-K.

    I actually kind of want to fast forward to September, see which of the kids gets the one (or two?) month audition.

  3. Justin H says:

    nothing? come on they couldn't have at least made a small move or moved salary just something

  4. DRR says:

    So, two years in a row that the guy the Rays were rumored to be after on deadline day ends up going to Boston.

    Honestly, I think the Rays should have committed one way or the other. Either make a play for this season and bring someone in, or admit that, after their trades, we can't catch the sox and make a move for next year.

  5. Jason W says:

    Im sorry but did anyone really expect something?I'm disapointed but not shocked by no moves.I was at least hoping for a relief pitcher if they did make a move.someone like a mark lowe or wuertz.I guess we wait another month for a waiver deal


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