Home Run Derby Baseball

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  • Carlos Pena hit just 6 home runs in the first 2 rounds of the Home Run Derby and was eliminated in a tie-breaker by Albert Pujols. But what is interesting is that Pena hit all of his home runs to the opposite field and was hitting the ball almost exclusively to left-center. [The Rays Party]
  • Tony Fabrizio has a nice read on the player Peter Gammons calls the first-half MVP, Ben Zobrist.  [Tampa Tribune]
  • Eric Matuszewski of Bloomberg compares Ben Zobrist to Derek Jeter and says Zorilla “might be the most unheralded player in Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game as well as the most underpaid.” [Bloomberg]
  • The Rays jumped 11 spots and are now the 17th most popular MLB team. [Rays Prospects]
  • Carl Crawford’s hometown paper takes a look at Carl Crawford’s third all-star appearance…On a side note, it is crazy to think that many Raysheads are still waiting for CC to reach his potential, and yet at age 27, he is already a 3-time all-star. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Here is video of Harold Reynolds interviewing Evan Longoria. [MLB]
  • Joe Maddon announced his starting lineup for the all-star game with a twist. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • In each of the past 5 seasons, Carlos Pena has improved his OPS in the second half. [The Rays Party]
  • Conspiracy Theorists Unite! Some are wondering if Carlos Pena was selected as a replacement for the all-star game instead of Ian Kinsler because the AL team needed another player for the home run derby. [Examiner]
  • Dock of the Rays wants to know who you think was the first half MVP for the Rays. [Dock of the Rays]
  • If the Rays were a beer in the first half, which beer would each player be? [Trop It Like It’s Hot]




  1. Shoop says:

    Not to mention Pena's and McNulty's Rays logo was upside down. I can't believe that no one pointed it out on the broadcast OR local news source.

    • theraysparty says:

      try the uniwatch blog, they usually catch those things with pics and possible explanation, or not

    • jdupree says:

      I still think it was upside down because all players had to have them on the right sleeve. And because there must be some team branding rule that requires the ray to always look like its going forward with the tail pointing behind the player, it looks like its upside down. Sure they could have used mirror image patches, but maybe they didnt have them in time.

      • theraysparty says:

        but I remember seeing Ben Zobrist's patch being right side up when they showed him once on the side. I think just a mistake by the seamtress who probably sew it on while the jeysey was upside down.

  2. MJ says:

    Was i just me or did it look like mcnulty was throwing every thing outside w a tail? Could that have had something to do with the oppo shots clos was hitting? Pena had to take about 10 pitches per swing.

  3. Scot says:

    The Rays know who has been the most productive for them. Evan Longoria is, hands-down, the best player on the team and is the most productive. And while Scott Boras cries every time someone says it - Evan Longoria is possibly the most productive players per dollar spent.

    So let us sing our salute to Zorillo, in the end, let us acknowledge the real MVP - Dirtbag.

    • Don says:

      Give me a break...your the blind guy who sells newspapers on my corner......Please!!

      • Scot says:

        Hey, I will give you the claim that Z has been the best offensive player, but if you add the defense of Dirtbag - the best in the league - Longo tops all.

        By the way, want to buy a Post?

        • Andy Kline says:

          Zorilla can play defense as well. and at 6 positions. did you see his outfield assist on sunday?


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