• Marc Topkin looks at the aftermath of Carl Crawford’s all-star game catch and MVP award and what it might mean for this career. [St. Pete Times]
  • Joe Maddon met with President Barack Obama prior to the all-star game, and the President complimented JoeMa on his style…Also, Ben Zobrist got to keep the ball that he caught for the final out of the game. [St. Pete Times]
  • Bud Selig sounded off on the Rays stadium situation and warned that all the good the front office has done could come to an end if the Rays don’t get a new stadium. Selig added that MLB President Bob DuPuy may become very active in the situation. It was DuPuy who helped the Marlins secure a new stadium. [St. Pete Times]
  • Don’t these people remember when everybody was singing Joe Maddon praises for placing Tim Wakefield on the all-star roster for what amounted to a “lifetime achievement award”? And now they want to question JoeMa’s decision to not play him? And of course, we are certain these are the same people that were up in arms when the all-star teams ran out of pitchers and the game ended in a tie. [Toeing the Rubber]
  • Big League Stew says that Joe Maddon “erred in not throwing Wakefield.” [Big League Stew]
  • One blog comes to Joe Maddon’s defense. Kind of. This blogger says be angry, but be be angry at Bud Selig. [Stupid Sports Blog]
  • The guy arrested for selling “fake” Rays merchandise during the playoffs last year has been found “Not Guilty”. [St. Pete Times]
  • Roger Mooney writes about how Evan Longoria is one of the new faces of baseball. [Bradenton Herald]




  1. Michael says:

    Where did you discuss a post All-Star game hangover?

    Anyway, just when you think Boston fans can't be any more retarded, they go and post garbage like that. What a bunch of morons. They really make you understand where the British were coming from when they unloaded on that angry (probably loud-mouth, shit-talking) mob at the the Boston Massacre.

  2. Charles says:

    Alright team, let's get serious. Second half is here (even though the entire AL East is off today). Time to kick things up a notch. Bullpen, Kaz, Price, Pat T. Bat - dig through your lockers, find your A game, and bring it to the park with you. Bossman - leave that first half of July with the team custodian so he can dispose of it properly. Giraffe, Zorilla, JB - keep bringing it like it's already been broughten. Everyone else, eyes on the prize. This thing is not out of reach by a long shot. This is not about the wild card. This is not about proving to the world that you're not one hit wonders. This is about digging deep, doing what you're all capable of, and taking what's rightfully yours by sheer force. If you don't do that, you're going to have a lot of months to sit around and blame no one but yourselves.

    That's all I got - now PLAY BALL!


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