Time to bring back the GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

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THE GOOD: Throwback Unis. The hats are still awful. But honestly, the jersey aren’t as bad as we remember. One complaint about the jersey. What were they thinking with the sleeve patch? It is basically the same thing that is on the front of the jersey. Kinda redundant, no?

THE BAD: Devil Raysian. When you think of the Devil Rays, one of the lasting memories is of blown chances. Leads sacrificed by inept bullpens. So it was fitting that on “turn back the clock” night, it was the bullpen, which had been lights-out for 2 months, imploded. In fact, with the score knotted at 2 and a runner on, it was the first pitch by the bullpen that turned into a 2-run home run and the eventual game-winner. Seriously, who did not see that coming?…Joe Maddon. Rule 7.05d specifically says a catcher cannot intentionally touch the ball with his mask. This is well-known among catchers as one of those silly quirky rules. So it was surprising that Joe Maddon (a former catcher) did not know this rule that led to an error (not a balk) being called on Michel Hernandez in the 9th. JoeMa argued so vehemently that he was ejected…David Chalk. Nobody has lamented the exorcism of the Devil more that Chalk. So today must be a day of mourning.

THE TELLING: We know these postgame concerts are popular. But 33,273 for Smashmouth? Seriously? If Smashmouth scheduled a free show at the Fairgrounds, they would be lucky if 2,000 people showed up…The loss ended the Rays 9-game winning streak at The Trop.

SUNBURST PLAYER OF THE GAME: Gabe O’ the Day/Ben Zobrist (see comments). We are giving this one to Gross and Kapler who were a combined 3-4 with an RBI (see comments)


  • Dioner Navarro left the game after getting hit by a foul tip. He went to the hospital for x-rays but was fine. He is not expected to go on the DL. [The Heater]
  • Joe Maddon has already set the rotation for after the all-star break. James Shields will start on Friday and will be followed by Scott Kazmir, Matt Garza, David Price and Jeff Niemann. [Rays Report]




  1. Andy Kline says:

    I have never made a case for my sunburst pick if I didn't agree with you. But this contest is down to the wire so this pick is very important, and I do not agree with you pick of the "Gabe O' the Day" as your Sunburst Player of the Game. Ben Zobrist went 2-4 with a run scored and an RBI. He factored into both of our runs. The Gabe platoon went 3-4 with an RBI, but they should have gone 2-4 because Matt Holliday could catch a simple fly ball that he was under. It went right through his glove to allow Gabe Gross to have a cheap double in the bottom the 9th down 5 runs. Zobrist's hits meant something in the flow of the game that allowed our team score both of its runs. I truly think that Ben Zobrist played the best game of any Ray (or Ray combo), and he deserves to be the Sunburst Player of the Game for July 11, 2009.
    Thank you,
    Andy Kline

    • You make a strong argument. I will admit that I was at a bit of a disadvantage because I was stuck with the radio broadcast and didn't get to see the details of each play. i went with the Gabes because it was my feeling that nobody deserved to be player of the game. i did strongly consider Zorilla. So what i will do is, there are a couple of people i know that were at the game and dont have a horse in this race. i will talk to them and see what they say.

    • Upon further review, the protest has been upheld and Zobrist will also receive credit for Sunburst PoG.

  2. Don says:

    Zo always shows up...
    Its Upon,Crawford, Longo,Pena, Burrell's fine performances of a combined..1for18...How are the Rays suppose to win???
    No matter whos pitching!

  3. Justin says:

    Good point about the sleeve patch prof!

    Does anyone know if they were selling the old hats at the game last night?

    And if anyone has a size 7 St. Pete Pelicans hat from last year's game, please let me know.

  4. Smash Mouth tried very hard not to be the group that did the soundtrack for Shrek. Maybe a little too hard.


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