We have heard lots of stories about people wearing Rayshead T-shirts at both home games and road games, and we have even heard stories of these fans being on TV. But none were displayed so prominently as this one in the second row during Tuesday night’s game.

That is Scott and his Rayshead “Dirtbag” T-shirt. By the way, Evan Longoria homered in that game. Coincidence? We think not.

If you want your own Rayshead T-shirt, go here.



  1. Luby says:

    Scott are you at the game in the Home Plate Club by yourself? Next time if you need a date for the game give me a call. 🙂

  2. Andy Kline says:

    I can see Scott and Luby as the new Rays couple.

  3. Corbitt says:

    Actually there was a game earlier in the year where I saw a few in the home plate club for most of the game


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